April 16, 2014

Recent school activities

Yiu Yiu’s school organized a CNY concert in February and her class performed the song 惜福.  I sneaked out from work to arrive just in time for her class’ performance.

In April, she took part in her first ever Chinese story telling competition.  There were 30+ participants just from Standard 3 alone!  Here’s her in action.  I think she spoke a little too soft and too fast.  She didn’t get a good placing but I am pleased nonetheless that she gave it her best shot and stood in front of the crowd calmly and confidently.

April 10, 2014


I had an awesome birthday this year.  My day started with my team celebrating with me in office with BR ice-cream cake.  Hubby, as usual, sent a bouquet to the office, which I didn’t have time to even notice as I was in the Boardroom having a meeting and only discovered the bouquet when I went back to my room to pick up my handbag when I was leaving in the afternoon for my half-day leave.

Hubby booked us into one night stay at the Majestic Hotel – we got an unbelievably low staff rate, courtesy of his friend.  He also booked me a massage at the spa so while I went for my pampering session, he took the girls for afternoon tea at the Tea Lounge.  Later that night, we had buffet dinner at the Contango, and the hotel surprised us with a birthday cake.

They couldn't have tea inside the Orchid Conservatory so took a few shots inside the beautiful glass house

The next day, we spent the morning at the pool before heading home.  The girls went for their usual co-curricular activities and we were then supposed to have dinner with a family friend.  He surprised me with a birthday do – not with the family friend but with my primary school mates, whom I last saw like 2-3 years ago.  One of them even baked a red velvet cake for the party.  I had a great time catching up with them.

 Have to thank dear hubby for putting in such efforts.  I am indeed blessed.