November 30, 2014

Phuket – Marriott's Phuket Beach Club

Day 3 was the day we were scheduled to listen to the sales pitch of the Marriot Vacation Club.  We left the girls at the Kid’s Club while we were busy at the sales gallery.  I honestly think it’s a great program, and if it wasn’t for the price tag, I would probably have signed up.  Good thing that the sales consultant was very professional and never once pushed us.  However, he was very visibly disappointed when we finally said no.  The presentation took us the whole morning, so we went for lunch at Turtle Village, a short walk away.


In the afternoon, we wanted to go cycling but unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have any bicycle that could accommodate Yiu Yiu as a pillion rider (she didn’t know how to ride a bicycle at that time, so we made it a priority to teach her cycling when we got back, and she very quickly learnt it J).  We abandoned the plan and spent the rest of the day at the pool and beach.

November 27, 2014

Phuket – Hong by Starlight by John Gray’s Sea Canoe

The next day, we signed up for a canoe tour with John Gray’s Sea Canoe.  We were picked up from our hotel at about 11am and were driven to the jetty.  Once we boarded the boat, we were served with a simple lunch of salad, fried noodles, spring rolls and fruits.  After lunch, our guide gave a safety briefing and shortly after, the boat was docked near some limestone caves.
At the jetty

The captain welcoming all those on board, followed by safety briefing

The canoes were lowered into the water, and each canoe was helmed by one of John Gray’s staff member.  I was on one with Yan Yan with Yiu Yiu on another with her dad.

We canoed into limestone caves and hidden lagoons populated with macaques, water monitors, kingfishers, mudskippers, egrets and eagles.

We also had some time to canoe on our own and swim in the sea before going back onto the boat in the early evening to make kratong, with the help of the staff.  Dinner was served after all the kratongs were prepared.

Once darkness falls, we went on the canoe and released our kratong into the water.  After the spiritual experience, the boat headed back to the jetty, wrapping up a tiring but extremely enjoyable day.  Both girls have been asking to go on this tour again :-)

November 24, 2014

Phuket – City tour

During the Aidilfitri holidays in July, we went to Phuket for a short holiday.  We stayed at the Marriot Mai Khao Beach Resort, under the invitation of the Marriot Vacation Club.  The catch is of course, we had to listen to a 2-hour sales presentation of Marriot Vacation Club.

We took the early flight and arrived at the hotel at about 11am.  After some paperworks and confirming the time for our presentation, we rented a car and drove to the town to meet up with hubby’s classmate who has settled there.  He took us for lunch at a local restaurant, before playing tourist guide.

Our first stop was Baan Teelanka (Upside Down House).  Aside from its novelty and quirky photo opportunities, the house has nothing much to offer, though it’s touted as one of the best of the dozen or so upside down houses in the world.

Next stop was Wat Chalong, one of Phuket's most important temples and visited by thousands each year.  It is beautifully decorated with infinite reflections from hundreds of tiny glass pieces. 

We then headed to the Big Buddha, one of the island's most important and revered landmarks.  The huge image sits on atop Nakkerd Hills.  The site also offers 360-degree views of the island.  On the way down the hill, we stopped by one of the many little elephant petting farms.

We wrapped up the day with dinner with our hubby’s classmate’s family.

November 09, 2014

Yiu Yiu’s 9th birthday

Yiu Yiu turned nine last Saturday.  On her birthday, we went for an impromptu crabby dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria, since they are having a promotion of two crabs for RM 55.  After dinner, we headed to ToysR’Us for her to choose her birthday present.  The girls generally get to buy toys only during their birthdays.  I gave her a budget of RM 150, and she chose two items, and since I have another RM 30 voucher, Yan Yan also got to choose a simple toy J

Decisions, decisions 

Opening up their presents 

(L) The presents which Yiu Yiu chose, plus a Barbie bag from the babysitter (R) Yan Yan with her simple princess tea party set

Yan Yan made this birthday card for jie-jie

As with customary, we had a birthday celebration with whole clan and babysitter’s family at Duck King, Jaya One, accompanied by our favourite durian cake.  We are so predictable that my nephew said this to his mum before they left home: “二姨姨一定又买durian cake 的。Haha.

Girls with the babysitter and her daughter

Part of our dinner

One for the family

Birthday girl cutting her durian cake