November 09, 2014

Yiu Yiu’s 9th birthday

Yiu Yiu turned nine last Saturday.  On her birthday, we went for an impromptu crabby dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria, since they are having a promotion of two crabs for RM 55.  After dinner, we headed to ToysR’Us for her to choose her birthday present.  The girls generally get to buy toys only during their birthdays.  I gave her a budget of RM 150, and she chose two items, and since I have another RM 30 voucher, Yan Yan also got to choose a simple toy J

Decisions, decisions 

Opening up their presents 

(L) The presents which Yiu Yiu chose, plus a Barbie bag from the babysitter (R) Yan Yan with her simple princess tea party set

Yan Yan made this birthday card for jie-jie

As with customary, we had a birthday celebration with whole clan and babysitter’s family at Duck King, Jaya One, accompanied by our favourite durian cake.  We are so predictable that my nephew said this to his mum before they left home: “二姨姨一定又买durian cake 的。Haha.

Girls with the babysitter and her daughter

Part of our dinner

One for the family

Birthday girl cutting her durian cake

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SleeplessInKL said...

ahh time flies. happy bday, pretty princess :)