November 30, 2015

Year-end party & last day in TJC

The year-end party (and Yan Yan’s last at TJC…sob sob) was held on the last day of school.  The theme, as per the year-end concert, was Fairy Tales, so most children were dressed in their garbs from the concert, except Yan Yan and her classmates since they performed the lantern dance.

With some of her classmates...most will be going separate ways after this :-(

Some of the girls in her class

 With Teacher Yen Lin, Teacher Esther, Teacher Ting Ai, Teacher Nyin Yin

Teacher Alicia

With her class teacher, Teacher Shelly

Farewell and thank you TJC…it’s been a fantastic three years.

November 14, 2015

ASP concert

This year, we enrolled Yan Yan into the ASP (After School Program).  The week after her graduation concert, the kindy organized its annual ASP concert.

It was a simple affair with marching in of the students, national anthem, followed by a short speech by the principal.  The six-year old students then went on stage to receive their graduation scroll before the performances began.

Waiting for her turn to receive her scroll

Receiving her scroll from Teacher Ting Ai

Little Red Riding Hood 

Three Billy Goats Gruff


Performances by the 5-year old


Finale of谢谢老师我爱你 with the 5-year old joining in 

Handiworks produced by the students during Arts & Crafts classes throughout the year

November 10, 2015

Yan Yan’s kindy graduation

Yan Yan’s kindy alternately organizes between a big-scale concert and sports day each year.  This year is the year for sports day so the graduation ceremony and concert for the graduating six years old was only a low-key affair.  The theme for the graduation concert this year was “Fairy Tales”.

As usual, it started with the marching in of the students, followed by the national anthem.  Then, three students delivered the welcome speeches in English, Malay and Chinese.  The principal, Teacher Ting Ai and Pastor Chris Kam took onto the stage with their speeches before presentation of scrolls to the graduating classes.

Welcome speeches by students

Speeches by Teacher Ting Ai & Pastor Chris Kam

 Yan Yan receiving her scroll

One for the class - Tulip Class 

The performances started after that with a choral performance of Three Little Pigs, plays on Cinderella and Goldilocks, and lastly a Chinese lantern dance.

Three Little Pigs



Chinese lantern dance by Yan Yan's class

The students then came on stage for a finale performance of two Christian songs 如过你想知道 and We Are The Reason.

Shots with some of her favourite teachers.

 Teacher Yen Lin, Teacher Mary, Teacher Jessica, Teacher Apple

 With the babysitter, her husband and daughter

 One for the family

And that closes another chapter in Yan Yan’s educational journey.

November 07, 2015

Yiu Yiu school choir competition

On her birthday, Yiu Yiu was part of her school choir that took part in the 24th National Primary School Choir Competition, organized as part of the 49th KL Music Festival.

Assembling at school in the morning

Waiting for their turn at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

A total of 31 schools took part in the day-long competition.  Her team was the 8th to go on stage.  

1) SJK Puay Chai 2) Chung Hwa Chinese Primary Girls' School 3) SJK Sentul 4) SJK Taman Rashna

5) SJK Khe Beng 6) SJK Yoke Nam 7) SJK Tsun Jin 8) SJK Yuk Chai

 Can you spot Yiu Yiu?

10) SJK Jalan Imbi 11) SJK Salak South 12) SJK Taman Connaught 13) SJK Kuen Cheng (2) 

14) SJK Choong Wen 15) SJK Khai Chee 16) SJK Kuen Cheng (1)

Up till lunch, 15 teams have performed and the best was the team from SJK Taman Connaught. The competition took a break for lunch at noon and we left then.

November 04, 2015

Yiu Yiu’s 10th birthday

Yiu Yiu turned 10 on Nov 1.  We celebrated with a family dinner at D’Italiane Kitched, Paradigm Mall.  Her papa surprised her by ordering a balloon bouquet to the restaurant, which added a festive touch to the dinner.

The lovely birthday girl

One with mummy and mei-mei

With popo

Yummy food

We ordered her favourite durian mousse cake

With mei-mei and Wong cousins