November 07, 2015

Yiu Yiu school choir competition

On her birthday, Yiu Yiu was part of her school choir that took part in the 24th National Primary School Choir Competition, organized as part of the 49th KL Music Festival.

Assembling at school in the morning

Waiting for their turn at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

A total of 31 schools took part in the day-long competition.  Her team was the 8th to go on stage.  

1) SJK Puay Chai 2) Chung Hwa Chinese Primary Girls' School 3) SJK Sentul 4) SJK Taman Rashna

5) SJK Khe Beng 6) SJK Yoke Nam 7) SJK Tsun Jin 8) SJK Yuk Chai

 Can you spot Yiu Yiu?

10) SJK Jalan Imbi 11) SJK Salak South 12) SJK Taman Connaught 13) SJK Kuen Cheng (2) 

14) SJK Choong Wen 15) SJK Khai Chee 16) SJK Kuen Cheng (1)

Up till lunch, 15 teams have performed and the best was the team from SJK Taman Connaught. The competition took a break for lunch at noon and we left then.

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