November 09, 2014

Yiu Yiu’s 9th birthday

Yiu Yiu turned nine last Saturday.  On her birthday, we went for an impromptu crabby dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria, since they are having a promotion of two crabs for RM 55.  After dinner, we headed to ToysR’Us for her to choose her birthday present.  The girls generally get to buy toys only during their birthdays.  I gave her a budget of RM 150, and she chose two items, and since I have another RM 30 voucher, Yan Yan also got to choose a simple toy J

Decisions, decisions 

Opening up their presents 

(L) The presents which Yiu Yiu chose, plus a Barbie bag from the babysitter (R) Yan Yan with her simple princess tea party set

Yan Yan made this birthday card for jie-jie

As with customary, we had a birthday celebration with whole clan and babysitter’s family at Duck King, Jaya One, accompanied by our favourite durian cake.  We are so predictable that my nephew said this to his mum before they left home: “二姨姨一定又买durian cake 的。Haha.

Girls with the babysitter and her daughter

Part of our dinner

One for the family

Birthday girl cutting her durian cake

October 25, 2014

Going under general anaesthesia

Yiu Yiu and Yan Yan have very bad genes when it comes to their pearly whites.  While they do not practice the best dental hygiene (they sometimes skip brushing their teeth before sleep), I don’t think they have the worst practice either, e.g. they hardly, if ever, slept with the bottle when young, and if they did drink before sleep, they at least gargled before going to bed.  Our regular dentist (a very child-friendly one) told us some children just have “weaker” teeth.

Anyway, Yan Yan had caries in at least 7 – 8 of her teeth.  The dentist said it would be traumatic for her if we tried to fix them as we would need multiple visits.  Also, Yan Yan has very bad gag reflex and since most of the caries are at her canines and molars, the dentist may not be able to do a good job cleaning the caries out since Yan Yan would likely not be able to cooperate.  This would also likely cause her to have a phobia for dentists too.  As such, the dentist recommended that we fix them under GA, and referred us to HKL.  Several of her young patients had done so and they have only good things to say about the whole process.

We went for the initial check with the pedodontist, and subsequent consultation with the paediatric anaesthesiologist.  Besides the general risks of GA, I was worried about the possible long-term side effects, and the anaesthesiologist assured me that it is very safe, and that her exposure to GA is considered to be very short.  I also asked both the pedodontist and the anaesthesiologist if it’s worth putting her through GA just for dental procedures, and both gave me the same reply: that the risk for her is very low, and since she has so many caries, it’s better to get it done once and for all to prevent any potential future complications like tooth abscess and root infection.

So we went ahead with the procedure on Oct 8.  We were required to go in by 7.15am, and so I was there with her bright and early.
Bright and early waiting for the pedodontist
After checks and explanation of the day’s procedures by the pedodontist and anaesthesiologist, signing the necessary forms, and application of anaesthetic cream to both her hands (for insertion of needles later) we waited for her turn to go into the theatre.
She’s the 3rd and last patient for the day for dental procedures, as the queue is determined by the patient’s age…the younger ones get to go first.  And so we waited…and waited.  She was on an overnight fast and had her last sip of water at about 8.30am, and luckily, she never complained of thirst of hunger the whole time.

Mummy brought her laptop with downloaded cartoons for her to kill time

Finally at 11.30am, we were called to the theatre.  And it was another 60 minutes wait at the theatre before we were called to the operating room.  I carried her as the anaesthesiologist set up the IV line on her hand, and to my surprise, she didn’t flinch one bit.  I laid her on the operating table and the GA was injected into her via the IV line, which immediately knocked her out.  I gave her a kiss and left the room at about 12.50pm.

The procedure was done by 2.30pm, and I was called back to the recovery room of the theatre, so that I would be there when she awoke, which she did shortly after.  This was the most difficult part for her as she was still groggy from the GA, and complained that her mouth hurts (it was actually numb and children can’t really described the feeling so it’s just pain to them).  She had both lower first molars plus an upper central incisor removed, besides multiple fillings.  And the site of both first molars was still bleeding.
At the recovery room of the OT
We spent about 30 minutes in the recovery room before she was transferred back to the day care unit, where she could only muster 1-2 tiny sips of water.  She was checked again by both the pedodontist and anaesthesiologist at 3.30pm to ensure everything was ok before they signed the discharge forms.  We finally left HKL at 4.00pm, after buying Yan Yan a can of cold drink (as advised by the pedodontist – something cold and sweet) – her first real drink since 8.30am.  She finally had something solid to eat at home – and I knew she was none the worse for wear when she chose to have ice-cream first before porridge J

For all the consultations and use of the operating theatre, I paid a grand sum of RM 21.50 (which I've no doubt would have been thousands if done in the private sector).  People always gripe about government hospital but after this experience, it is my honest opinion that public healthcare service is not bad at all, except of course for the waiting time.  It also made me realise that the impending healthcare reform by the government is inevitable, coz there’s no freaking way the government can continue providing “free” healthcare.  If only they can also plug all the leakages in the system, but that’s another story altogether.

October 22, 2014

2014 TJC concert

Yan Yan kindy organized their biennial concert at the end of last month.  The theme this year was “Party in the 70’s”.

The event started with the children marching in, followed by welcome speech by three Year 6 children in Malay, English and Chinese.

Preparing for the march-in outside the hall

Marching in

Welcome speech in three languages

After the speeches by the principal and DUMC senior pastor, it was time for the presentation of scroll to the six year olds.

The concert started immediately after the presentation of scroll, and boy, were they good!  There were 10 performances in total, and were really well choreographed.  The costumes were really pretty too, and surely brought out the spirit of the 70’s. 

First performance by Year 5 students, to the tune of Hooray, Hooray by the late Sudirman

Year 3 students dancing to the tune of "Lollipop"

Mambo Rock by Year 6 students

A Hindi number, and no, it's not Kuch Kuch Hota's Haina Bolo Bolo by Year 4 students

 Doing That Thing You Do by Year 6 students

 Year 4 students doing the twist

Year 6 students dancing to a classic Chinese oldies Ja Jambo by 葛蘭

Yan Yan's dance was the third from last - We Go Together, a number from the movie Grease 

I think Yan Yan danced quite well, but this is of course my biased opinion :-)

Mamma Mia by Year 6 students 

A dance from another Chinese number, Ta Lang (踏浪) by 卓依婷

With jie jie and babysitter after the concert

October 19, 2014

Singing competition

Yiu Yiu was selected to represent her class for the Standard 3 singing competition recently.  She sang the song 老人与小孩.  There were three other participants who sang the same song J  I think she did quite well, better than her story telling competition earlier this year.  The winners have not been announced yet though.

Here’s the video:

September 08, 2014

Sports bra for every activity

If you work out often, you would know the importance of wearing sports bra during workouts or sport activities.  There are a lot of benefits of wearing sports bra while working out, especially providing that all-important support and comfort.  However, some women might have difficulties choosing the right sports bra for various sport activities as different sports bra fit different workout routines.  There are various designs of sports bra which one can find in the market but you must select the ones which provide the best support for each activity.


Sports bra of these designs are most suitable to be worn for high impact activities such as jogging, running, basketball, soccer and more.  It is very important for women to maintain the integrity of the breast as having too much intense movement may cause ligament tear which will lead to sagging.  This type of neck halter or V neck sports bra supports your chest from high impact movements and maintains the shape.


The U neck design sports bra are often designed with a more light weight fabric material and is very cooling. This type of sports bra is especially suitable for outdoor activities such as kayaking or playing volleyball at the beach. The blazing hot sun and humid weather will not be a problem at all. Plus, this bra also provides great support for your chest area and minimizes movements. It holds everything in place and does not push down your breast.


This sports bra is adjustable and stretchy and provides soft support to your chest area. Adjustable bras are perfect to be worn for indoor or light activities such as Yoga, Pilates or hiking. It offers the right amount of support and is more comfortable to be worn as you could adjust the straps based on your preference.

Photo from Neilson Barnard, Getty Images North America

If you would like to get some new sports bra, try checking out ZALORA as it offers a wide selection of sports bra online from various local and international brands.

September 03, 2014

Merdeka weekend

During the Merdeka weekend, we went back to Kuantan, but not before being caught in the massive jam just as we passed the Gombak toll.  It took us almost two hours just to clear Genting Sempah.  Genting Highlands must have been packed to the brim with holiday makers.

As usual, when in Kuantan, we would head to the beach but was caught in the jam heading there.  From afar, we could see that the parking near the beach was already packed so we detoured to the Mini Zoo @ Taman Teruntum.  This is more like a park than a zoo, but it’s a rather nice place with some animals which are decently kept.  The best thing is the free entrance J

Yiu Yiu petting a deer

Feeding time for the baby crocodiles 

There was an operator with several orb balls and a bouncing castle in the park and the adventurous Yiu Yiu took a shot at the orb ball.

That night, we had an advance 68th birthday celebration for FIL, whose actual birthday is not till three weeks later.

August 31, 2014

MDEC print ad

I was away in Penang when my younger sis Whatsapp me to ask if I would agree to let Yiu Yiu participate in a shoot for a print ad by the Multimedia Development Corporation.  It was a weekday and it might mean that she had to skip school if the shoot ended late.  I am someone who thinks that it’s not a big deal for her to miss one day of school in exchange for an experience like this.

And so she went…

Getting made up by the make-up artist.  Notice her ill-fitting shirt and tights :-)  The children are all supposed to be under-privileged children from rural areas
Briefing by the director 
Getting a jumping shot
And the ad came out today, in Sin Chew and The Star.  Can you spot her?

August 27, 2014

August happenings

The girls caught the Rainbow Loom fever, and Yiu Yiu created so many bracelets, charms and pencil grips over the past few weeks.

I was at the salon getting my hair cut and both girls followed.  Yiu Yiu had her hair cut about 2 inches shorter.  The front part of her hair used to be the same length with the back, but she decided to chop them off for a fringe.  Yan Yan also had her hair trimmed, and got a bonus of having her hair highlighted.


In early August, we attended a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday party.  The amazing mum took so much effort to decorate the venue for a princessy feel.  There was also a beauty corner with nail polish, nail stickers, strings with beads and charms to keep the girls busy with decorating their own nail and bracelets/necklaces.

Two weeks later, we attended another birthday party at the Contango, Majestic Hotel.  This time, it was my colleague’s daughter’s 1st birthday.  The little one was into Elmo so there was the Elmo cake, Elmo cookies and Elmo crafts.