September 09, 2015

Garden wedding at Subak Restaurant

I’ve never heard of this place until my colleague asked if Yan Yan could be one of her flower girls for her wedding.  Of course I said yes, just for the fun of it, and to be part of the joyous occasion.

This colleague of mine is just super awesome – she DIYed everything, from the wedding invitation cards, floral arrangements, down to every little details of the party.

The bridal party dresses were the twist wrap dress, which I have no idea how to wear on Yan Yan, so the bridesmaid helped her with it.

The venue…

The bridal party and the groomsmen…

Nobody nobody but you

The bride & groom sharing a private moment after the games session

The decoration, all DIY…

 Exchange of vows…

The flower girls

The bridal party & groomsmen

Of the girls and colleagues...


Throughout the night…

The bestman and bridesmaid speeches

Cake cutting

The first dance

It was a beautiful wedding, and the first of its kind that I’ve attended.

P/S: Some of these photos are shot by the official photographer.

September 05, 2015

My personal story - Izumio for eczema

I started on Izumio and Super Lutein in the quest to improve the stubborn spot of eczema above my lips. It started in May last year and I've been given the usual steroid and Protopic creams, which I've had to use intermittently every few days whenever it flared.

I've been taking Izumio and Super Luton for almost five months now and I'm happy that I don't need to use the creams anymore. Here's a picture of before and after (the photos were taken under different lighting conditions but no editing whatsoever was done).

The before picture here is not the worst I've had. At the worst, the area was so dry that it cracked and bled. At times, i couldn't even open my mouth wide. Now, even if it flares, it's just a mild case of itchiness and flaky skin.

If you are interested to find out how Izumio can help in various disease conditions, do drop me a note at

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August 24, 2015

Visit to KL Bird Park

Yan Yan’s kindy’s annual outing this year was to the KL Bird Park, the same place that her jiejie visited six years ago.  As I had gone through the drill with Yiu Yiu, I knew that with so many children on the trip, there’s hardly any time to really enjoy the visit, as it would be one mad rush from one place to another.  But kids being kids, she wanted to join the trip with her friends.  And so I accompanied her for the trip in late April.

Queuing to board the bus

It was a rather gloomy day…

Class photo at the entrance

…and true enough, the sky opened up not long after we arrived, and everyone had to seek shelter under the limited covered area of the park.

Sought shelter at one of the stalls

Luckily the rain was gone as soon as it came, and the children continued to walk around the park.

Soon after, everyone was assembled at the ampitheatre for the bird show.

Munching on some buns while waiting for the show to begin

The show was exactly the same as it was six years ago J

We made our way back to the buses after the show, and that marked the last kindy outing for Yan Yan at TJC.  I hope she has some good memories of the trip as a remembrance of her time with her kindy friends.

August 16, 2015

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – Food and market

After watching the AO Show one of the nights, we headed to Huong Lai Vietnamese Restaurant for some traditional Vietnamese cuisine.   What attracted me to this restaurant was the fact that the service staff and some of the kitchen staff are former street children, orphans and youth from very poor families, and Huong Lai provided them an opportunity to better their lives.

 In front of the Municipal Theatre after the show

We almost missed the entrance as the doorway was dimly lit.  Beyond the door, we climbed up the flight of rickety wooden stairs to reach the dining area, decorated with brick walls and white tablecloths, exuding an air of French colonial influence.

We had fried prawn spring roll, steamed tofu with minced pork and mushrooms, stir fried kangkung, stir-fried chicken in lemongrass and stewed pork in claypot.

A Vietnamese colleague recommended Ngoc Suong Marina also known as Marina Saigon Seafood Cuisine for our team dinner.  It is an upmarket seafood restaurant, with aquariums on the ground floor from which you can order produce cooked to your desire.

We started with their signature fish salad, raw fish (I think) wrapped with vegetables in a thin rice paper with a fish sauce and peanuts dip.  The other dishes we had were tamarind roast crab, barbecued spicy squid, steamed tiger prawns in coconut shell and grilled pork ribs.  We ended our meal with seafood hotpot – all in, an extremely satisfying dinner.

 Fish salad, eaten rolled up like a spring roll

When in Vietnam, must have pho :-)  I was looking for reviews of pho stalls and found one that is literally just next to the hotel I was staying so I went there for breakfast one day.

On the last night, we went to Cuc Gach Quan, located inside a French colonial house.  The d├ęcor is rutic and elegant, cluttered with recycled vintage items to “remind people of the old time”.  The restaurant focuses on traditional country Vietnamese cuisine, food typically found in a Vietnamese home.

We sat at the alfresco area

We had rice with stir fried pumpkin flowers (or was it lily bubs?), fried tofu with lemongrass and chilli, stir fried soft shell crab with tamarind sauce and sour soup with fish.  Recycling isn’t limited to re-using old items–even the straw used to serve fresh fruit juices is a stem from the water morning glory.

 Whenever I travel, I try to make it a point to visit their local market and followed a colleague to one.  Apparently there’s a special Vietnamese rice for porridge and the best one was in this market (which I have no idea where).