December 18, 2015

Cuti-cuti Johor – KOREF

After checking out from the hotel and having a bak ku teh breakfast, we started our 2.5 hours drive to the Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF).  We reached KOREF at about 12.30pm, and signed up for their standard 3-hour package which included a simple lunch.  As everyone was still full from bak ku teh, lunch was kinda wasted but we packed the omelette and fried chicken, just in case the children got hungry later.

As we had to wait for the guides to finish their lunch break, we took a walk around the farm.  It started to rain so we took shelter under a large shed near some chalets.

Passion fruit, a type of gourd which is a source of loofah, poisonous grapes

Passing time by posing for photographs 

After the rain stopped, two young chaps took us on a tour of the farm, starting with the little goat pen.

We were then brought to the padi field, where we could try our hands on planting padi.  We were so not prepared (we should have came in our old tees) so none of the adults stepped into the field.  The children hesitated for a bit but slowly but surely, everyone gingerly stepped into the muddy field.  And once inside, they had a wonderful time squashing the mud with their feet J

Since they were all wet and dirty already, we let them have a go at the water obstacle course.  It was quite fun really, and I would have gone in myself if I were appropriately dressed.

Lastly, the children tried their hands at rafting, and didn’t want to leave even when it started raining again.

Luckily we had drove from JB that day, and our luggages were in the car so the children had a quick shower at KOREF and changed into clean dry clothes before we headed to our hotel in Kluang.  The packed food came in handy as the children were starving and finished the food in no time.

KOREF is quite a cool place for children and teenagers to chill and have some fun.  This place has sooo much potential as a teambuilding or outdoor leadership camp but their facilities (chalets, showers, toilets) need some serious upgrading.

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