December 03, 2015

Lion’s Balloon run

Hubby was part of the organizing committee for the Lions Charity Balloon Run 2015.  Since there was a 4km family category, I decided to take part in the run with the girls and their 大姨姨.  It was the girls first run and while they needed some help halfway through the run, they made it to the finish line J

Bright & early at Taman Tasik Permaisuri Cheras

They ran all the way from starting point to the 1km mark

Started to tire and walked and needed some piggy backing before reaching the 2 km mark.

Replenishing energy with some refreshing 100 Plus just before the 3km mark.

The finish line, finally…

Indulging in cups after cups of Milo after the run.

Proudly showing off their finisher's medal

I asked them if they enjoyed the run and it was a unanimous NO, coz they said it was very tiring...haha.

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