December 14, 2015

Cuti-cuti Johor – Legoland (Water Park)

We spent a couple of days bercuti-cuti Johor for the family year-end holidays.  First stop – Legoland.  Our first trip to Legoland was in early 2013, and the water park was still work-in-progress at that time.  So this round, we bought the 2-day combo parks ticket for both the theme park and water park.  Prices for Legoland have increased a fair bit…the one day theme park ticket now costs RM 180 compared to RM 140 just three years ago…that’s close to 30% increase!!!

We drove from KL early in the morning, and had a pit-stop at the Seremban wet market for beef noodles breakfast.

Beef noodles and cuttlefish noodles

We arrived at Legoland close to noon, and the kids couldn’t wait to start playing in the water.  It started raining at about 3pm, and the park authorities had to stop all rides soon after when lightning started.  The rain and lightning stopped at about 4pm, and the kids continued playing for a bit before we decided to call it a day.

Yan Yan bumped into her kindy classmate :-)

My verdict: the water park doesn’t seem as huge as Sunway Lagoon, and there seems to be less variety of rides/slides.

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