August 31, 2014

MDEC print ad

I was away in Penang when my younger sis Whatsapp me to ask if I would agree to let Yiu Yiu participate in a shoot for a print ad by the Multimedia Development Corporation.  It was a weekday and it might mean that she had to skip school if the shoot ended late.  I am someone who thinks that it’s not a big deal for her to miss one day of school in exchange for an experience like this.

And so she went…

Getting made up by the make-up artist.  Notice her ill-fitting shirt and tights :-)  The children are all supposed to be under-privileged children from rural areas
Briefing by the director 
Getting a jumping shot
And the ad came out today, in Sin Chew and The Star.  Can you spot her?

August 27, 2014

August happenings

The girls caught the Rainbow Loom fever, and Yiu Yiu created so many bracelets, charms and pencil grips over the past few weeks.

I was at the salon getting my hair cut and both girls followed.  Yiu Yiu had her hair cut about 2 inches shorter.  The front part of her hair used to be the same length with the back, but she decided to chop them off for a fringe.  Yan Yan also had her hair trimmed, and got a bonus of having her hair highlighted.


In early August, we attended a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday party.  The amazing mum took so much effort to decorate the venue for a princessy feel.  There was also a beauty corner with nail polish, nail stickers, strings with beads and charms to keep the girls busy with decorating their own nail and bracelets/necklaces.

Two weeks later, we attended another birthday party at the Contango, Majestic Hotel.  This time, it was my colleague’s daughter’s 1st birthday.  The little one was into Elmo so there was the Elmo cake, Elmo cookies and Elmo crafts.

August 24, 2014

Art exhibition

Yiu Yiu has been attending art classes at Jane Yap Atelier at Citta Mall since two years ago.  We enrolled her here after stumbling upon their art exhibition two years ago and was suitably impressed with their approach to teaching art to children – allowing them to express their feelings while having fun at the same time.  At Jane Yap Atelier, the sky can be pink if the child imagines it to be pink.

Two years on, from Aug 23 – 30, Jane Yap Atelier will again hold its biennial students art exhibition.  Titled “The Tree of Life”, the exhibition exposes the children to the preparations and details required in organizing an art exhibition.

The principal, Jane Yap, delivering her opening speech (L), and being interviewed by a reporter (R) 

Group photo of children participating in the exhibition

Yiu Yiu with two of her teachers 

Each student had to paint three items for the exhibition: a tree painting and two canvas bags.  One canvas bag is in a monochrome and the other with an animal theme.  The bags with the animal painting were up for sale at RM 100 each, and all proceeds will be channeled to the Sin Chew Foundation.

With the little artist - her painting is the top painting above her 

Her canvas bags

August 21, 2014


I found out about this through a friend whose daughter was involved in the production.  Produced by Rhythm in Bronze, this music theatre production showcased a cast of 23 children agred between 8 to 18.  It is a story about a group of children who ride the waves and oceans as they sail to the frozen north to search for their parents who were spirited away by a magical bird.
We went for the 8pm show last Saturday, and the almost 2.5 hour show was well worth the ticket price.  An energetic performance that incorporates plenty of gamelan and other traditional music, the girls enjoyed is tremendously, and was humming the song from the show even days after.

My friend's daughter in action 

The closing scene 

Managed to snap a photo with two of the cast members

August 19, 2014

Yan Yan’s 5th birthday

As per last year, we celebrated her birthday in school.  She asked for Frozen-themed cupcakes so this was what she got – we ordered from Jenn again this year.

I was a bit more prepared this year, and had ample time to shop for things for the party packs, and the girls helped with the packing too.  Each party pack consists of a 3D dinosaur model (for boys) or bracelets and glitter glue (for girls), a small tub of PlayDoh, KitKat and Mamee.

I prepared some macaroni with Bolognese sauce, air fried nuggets and grapes, and off we went to the kindy.  After dropping her off, hubs, Yiu Yiu and I went for a quick breakfast nearby before returning to the kindy at 9.15am to set up.  The children came to the pantry at 9.30am, sang her a birthday song followed by Yan Yan distributing the party packs to her friends.  They then went back to their class to tuck in to the food.

 Enjoying her pasta

We had a family celebration with my extended family and babysitter’s family a couple of days later, with a simple dinner at Gao Ren Guan, rounding up the celebration with yet another repeat of the durian mousse cake.

Celebrating papa's birthday together as it's only two days apart 

The girls only get to choose a toy once a year during their birthday, and this was what she chose.

Yan Yan with her Baby Alive doll