September 29, 2011

Chitter chatter

Hubby sleeps on a mattress on the floor coz the girls share the family bed with me.  One weekend morning, when the girls were up, hubby lie down beside me and hugged me from behind.  Seeing that, Yiu Yiu said, “Papa, if you want to hug mummy, you better brush your teeth and make yourself handsome first.”  We burst out laughing!  This girl knows a thing or two about the art of courting J


I was shooing the girls upstairs to get ready for bed when the little one refused to go up, but stood at the built-in cabinet that divides the living and dining areas where we keep the girls’ bags, accessories, some small toys, etc.  She kept saying what sounded to me like “Koo, koo”.  Typically when I couldn’t comprehend what she’s trying to say, I’ll turn to her jie-jie who normally could decipher her language.  However in this instance, even jie-jie didn’t know what she wanted.  And I went,
Mummy: What do you want mei-mei?
Yan Yan: My koo, my koo
Mummy (thinking that she wanted her jie-jie’s bedroom slippers): Your shoe?
Yan Yan: No, my koo!
Mummy: Is it your spoon? (she sometimes play with spoons)
Yan Yan (in an exasperated tone): No, my koo!
Mummy: Your phone? (she has a toy mobile phone)
Yan Yan (getting increasingly exasperated): No, my koo!

Jie-jie eventually managed to distract her with something else and she abandoned the cabinet and followed us up.  Once in the room, her eyes lit up when she spotted her “Koo” and promptly slung it over her back.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is her precious “Koo”.

Her jie-jie's old school bag

Now do you think she said “School” or “Pooh”?

September 26, 2011

Angry Birds

These birds are everywhere, and though I've never lain a finger on the game, we couldn’t escape the commercialization of these birds:

Electronic lanterns that mum bought for the girls for the recent Mid-Autumn Festival.

Little soft toys that mum bought for the girls.

Stationeries given as party packs at the AnW birthday party.

The other day when I went over to sis’s house, I saw ‘em birds neatly arranged on the sofa, facing the TV.

I asked Yihao, “What are the Angry Birds doing?” He responded with a big chuckle, “They’re watching TV. Hahahaha.”

Of course they are! Silly 二姨姨!

September 24, 2011

Bento #226 - #230

Mini bak-chang with tulip rose apple.

Red bean pau, heart shaped cheesy cocktail sausages, edamame and orange slices.

Homemade fishballs, broccoli florets and tulip rose apple.

Slice of leftover butter cake (with some icing that held back the fondant decoration), bear shaped fish cakes and checkered apples.

Homemade nuggets and potato wedges, with plum cut into 3D leaves.

September 20, 2011

We’ve been Smurfed!

We bought tickets for the Sunday, 1pm show at Tropicana City Mall. Having gone to the mall straight after our late breakfast, we were already there by 11.30am. As we were wondering how the smurf to fill the 1.5 hours, Yiu Yiu caught a glimpse of someone distributing balloons. You know how it is with kids and balloons and so we smurfed over to get some. Turned out it was UOB promoting their savings plan with some Smurfs collectible items, and Smurfs mascots were due to make an appearance at the cinema area at 12noon so we smurfed around waiting for them to appear.

Yiu Yiu couldn’t stop taking photos with the three – Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette…

While the little one didn’t want to go near them at all

And only contented with taking a shot at a distance.

The mascots were only there for about 30 minutes, and we moved on to the small play area outside Toys”R”Us, where we met these two articulate young ladies. It was my first time meeting them, having followed their antics for some years now.

Back to the movie, I found it so-so only – hubby even fell asleep halfway through but Yiu Yiu and Yihao enjoyed it tremendously. And Yiu Yiu can’t seem to get the tune out from her head, so everyone, together now, La La La La La La La La La La La!

So have you been Smurfed?

September 08, 2011

School holidays

I was on leave the whole of last week during the school holidays. We had initially planned to go back to Kuantan but MIL advised against it since the house is in a mess as they are renovating the kitchen. I wanted to bring the girls somewhere for a short break and had wanted to go to Port Dickson, and while we could still get a room at few hotels, hubby wasn’t too keen so that got shelved as well. Bummer!

We ended up spending the whole week at home, it was a week well spent! For a start, we got to sleep in really late – we got out of bed after 10am most days :-)

We went to the neighourhood playground.

We attended a Hari Raya open house at Auntie Lijah’s (a close friend of the girls’ babysitter) house.

We went to the Popular Book Fest, and got “conned” into spending a fortune on these Grolier educational books.

Yiu Yiu’s BFF came over to play.

Enrolled Yiu Yiu in a hip-hop dance class. It isn’t really hip-hop in the real sense of the word, more like a class teaching children the basic dance steps and moves.

We attended Yiu Yiu’s classmate’s birthday party at A&W.

We went for an outing to TTDI park after a long hiatus. The stream was all dried up but that didn’t stop the girls from enjoying themselves with their cousins.

Having spent all day with the girls during the holidays, on Sunday night, Yiu Yiu said resignedly, “Mummy, tomorrow I can only see you for a short time only – once in the morning, once at night.” :-(

September 05, 2011

The trail of love

When I opened the door to the bedroom, I found a trail of “snowflakes”.

The prize waiting at the end of the trail was this…

It wasn’t from my other half, but from my precious 6-year old. She claimed to have learnt it from the Beauty and the Beast DVD, but when she described that particular part, I have no idea what she was talking about. LOL.

September 03, 2011

I’m a happy helper

After dinner one night, Yiu Yiu insisted on helping me wash the dishes, so I let her be. She did quite a good job with them.

And of course, the little one wanted to get involved in whatever that her jie-jie was doing.