September 29, 2011

Chitter chatter

Hubby sleeps on a mattress on the floor coz the girls share the family bed with me.  One weekend morning, when the girls were up, hubby lie down beside me and hugged me from behind.  Seeing that, Yiu Yiu said, “Papa, if you want to hug mummy, you better brush your teeth and make yourself handsome first.”  We burst out laughing!  This girl knows a thing or two about the art of courting J


I was shooing the girls upstairs to get ready for bed when the little one refused to go up, but stood at the built-in cabinet that divides the living and dining areas where we keep the girls’ bags, accessories, some small toys, etc.  She kept saying what sounded to me like “Koo, koo”.  Typically when I couldn’t comprehend what she’s trying to say, I’ll turn to her jie-jie who normally could decipher her language.  However in this instance, even jie-jie didn’t know what she wanted.  And I went,
Mummy: What do you want mei-mei?
Yan Yan: My koo, my koo
Mummy (thinking that she wanted her jie-jie’s bedroom slippers): Your shoe?
Yan Yan: No, my koo!
Mummy: Is it your spoon? (she sometimes play with spoons)
Yan Yan (in an exasperated tone): No, my koo!
Mummy: Your phone? (she has a toy mobile phone)
Yan Yan (getting increasingly exasperated): No, my koo!

Jie-jie eventually managed to distract her with something else and she abandoned the cabinet and followed us up.  Once in the room, her eyes lit up when she spotted her “Koo” and promptly slung it over her back.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is her precious “Koo”.

Her jie-jie's old school bag

Now do you think she said “School” or “Pooh”?


WK Liew said...

More likely pooh lor!!!

chinnee said...

I think its cute when they can't speak clearly yet hor...last time my didi used to call Korkor as "thorthor" and we love to hear that...

chanelwong said...

har har...sooo funny...

Kit said...

School!!! Hahaha...I managed to get through tonight dunno why...

A Mom's Diary said...

Ditto Kit! It's SCHOOL, not Pooh.