September 08, 2011

School holidays

I was on leave the whole of last week during the school holidays. We had initially planned to go back to Kuantan but MIL advised against it since the house is in a mess as they are renovating the kitchen. I wanted to bring the girls somewhere for a short break and had wanted to go to Port Dickson, and while we could still get a room at few hotels, hubby wasn’t too keen so that got shelved as well. Bummer!

We ended up spending the whole week at home, it was a week well spent! For a start, we got to sleep in really late – we got out of bed after 10am most days :-)

We went to the neighourhood playground.

We attended a Hari Raya open house at Auntie Lijah’s (a close friend of the girls’ babysitter) house.

We went to the Popular Book Fest, and got “conned” into spending a fortune on these Grolier educational books.

Yiu Yiu’s BFF came over to play.

Enrolled Yiu Yiu in a hip-hop dance class. It isn’t really hip-hop in the real sense of the word, more like a class teaching children the basic dance steps and moves.

We attended Yiu Yiu’s classmate’s birthday party at A&W.

We went for an outing to TTDI park after a long hiatus. The stream was all dried up but that didn’t stop the girls from enjoying themselves with their cousins.

Having spent all day with the girls during the holidays, on Sunday night, Yiu Yiu said resignedly, “Mummy, tomorrow I can only see you for a short time only – once in the morning, once at night.” :-(


WK Liew said...

Well done!!! Now you hv to make sure you go play tanglung with the gals.

Btw, Yiu Yiu looks so fierce in the pix with her BFF.

Hui-Wearn said...

nice pics of the A&W party! mind if you can send me some pics of Evan?
is YY enjoying her dance class?

Ben and Shaun said...

Hi, I happen to come across your blog and could understand your feeling about spending a fortune on grolier. I bought Fun Thinkers too in the recent bookfest for my boys. The rest of the sets like I Wonder Why and the Disney books were purchased earlier 2 years back also in the bookfest. However, it is certainly worth it when you expose it to your children. My kids enjoyed it. Hope yours will too.

BuffaFly said...

even without travelling anywhere...that sounds like a great 1 week holiday! sometimes the best things are in our own backyard don't you think? And it saved you the stress (and time and petrol) of travelling with the masses.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - the elder girl proclaimed that she doesn't like to play tanglung :-) She looked fierce in the pix coz she was forced to pose.

HW - sure, will email them to you. She loves her dance classes, coz she simply loves dancing.

Ben & Shaun - thanks for dropping by. My elder girl loves playing with the Fun Thinkers too, and consistently asks to play with it every night. I think the I Wonder Why series too advanced for her at this stage though, or perhaps I'm underestimating her ability. Read your blog about getting an extra frame of tiles - how come I never thought about it! Haiya! Now mei-mei keeps disturbing and snatching the tiles aways from jie-jie.

Buffafly - how true. For them children, the most precious thing is having us parents spend time with them. Hey btw, I've not been able to comment in your blog for the past 2-3 months leh. Dunno why!

Ben and Shaun said...

Yes, I agree. The "I wonder why" series is a little advanced. My eldest son enjoys it only if I were to read and explain the facts to him. Otherwise, he finds it a little difficult to comprehend.

chinnee said...

we tot of going somewhere too, but ended up staying here for holiday. Still going just to the cinema, and picnic at TTDI is great right?

Now I feel like wanting to organise another outing at TTDI, hehe...

A Mom's Diary said...

Ben & Shaun - I haven't even started reading any book from that series to her :-(

Chinnee - please do, will be great to have another gathering.