September 26, 2011

Angry Birds

These birds are everywhere, and though I've never lain a finger on the game, we couldn’t escape the commercialization of these birds:

Electronic lanterns that mum bought for the girls for the recent Mid-Autumn Festival.

Little soft toys that mum bought for the girls.

Stationeries given as party packs at the AnW birthday party.

The other day when I went over to sis’s house, I saw ‘em birds neatly arranged on the sofa, facing the TV.

I asked Yihao, “What are the Angry Birds doing?” He responded with a big chuckle, “They’re watching TV. Hahahaha.”

Of course they are! Silly 二姨姨!


Small Kucing said...

hmm...angry birds is everywhere

chinnee said...

initially when Angry Bird got hot, I tot we would spare from it becoz qiqi dono anything about AB. Some how the fever spreads in school, and now, there r lots of AB from qiqi, and both boys mouth, haha

WK Liew said...

Don't play play ah, our Mom is very the 'in' one.

The angry bird tanglungs she bought eclipsed the traditional ones I bought for the kids :(

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - yes, they are.

Chinnee - Yiu Yiu knows AB coz hubby lets her play AB on his phone sometimes. But luckily she's not crazy over it.

WK - nah, no effect on Yiu Yiu. She said she'd rather go play in the playground than playing lanterns.