November 27, 2014

Phuket – Hong by Starlight by John Gray’s Sea Canoe

The next day, we signed up for a canoe tour with John Gray’s Sea Canoe.  We were picked up from our hotel at about 11am and were driven to the jetty.  Once we boarded the boat, we were served with a simple lunch of salad, fried noodles, spring rolls and fruits.  After lunch, our guide gave a safety briefing and shortly after, the boat was docked near some limestone caves.
At the jetty

The captain welcoming all those on board, followed by safety briefing

The canoes were lowered into the water, and each canoe was helmed by one of John Gray’s staff member.  I was on one with Yan Yan with Yiu Yiu on another with her dad.

We canoed into limestone caves and hidden lagoons populated with macaques, water monitors, kingfishers, mudskippers, egrets and eagles.

We also had some time to canoe on our own and swim in the sea before going back onto the boat in the early evening to make kratong, with the help of the staff.  Dinner was served after all the kratongs were prepared.

Once darkness falls, we went on the canoe and released our kratong into the water.  After the spiritual experience, the boat headed back to the jetty, wrapping up a tiring but extremely enjoyable day.  Both girls have been asking to go on this tour again :-)

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