December 14, 2008

Developments of a 3-year old

This post is 1.5 months overdue.

Toilet training
She’s been diaperless in the day since she was 2.5 years old but we still kept her on diapers at night, to prevent any accidents. A few months before she turned three, she refused to let us put on diapers for her at night too. We had to resort to sneakily put it on after she slept. However, sometimes she’d wake up in the middle of the night and asked to remove the diaper so we gave up. She had one or two accidents initially, but she’s been dry for the last 2-3 months now. I’d normally ask her if she needs to use the potty when she wakes up for her milk during the night (yeah yeah, yours truly is a sleep deprived mother, with her 3-year old still waking up for milk at night), or she’d sometimes wake me up to bring her to the potty when she has the urge while sleeping.

Appetite and food intake
It’s still a constant battle trying to get her to finish up her food at home. Just the other day, while attending my cousin’s wedding, another cousin commented on how patient I was in feeding her lunch. She said she would have given up feeding her son if she were in my shoes. Sigh! What to do, she’s already so petite so I try my best to get in as much food as I can into her.

Speech and verbal development
Her vocabulary is growing by the day that I’m surprised sometimes at the words she uses. I haven’t been diligently jotting them down or trying to remember them but some phrases include pierce my ears, give birth to baby, get married, etc. The other day when hubby showed her the Madagascar DVD he bought and immediately she broke into a song, “I like to move it move it move it”. Both of us were perplexed until we switched the DVD on, and true enough, the song was in the DVD. I wonder where she picked that up.

On going to school
She’s been very excited about going to school, thanks to her birthday presents which included a Winnie the Pooh trolley bag and Barney bento box. We recently got her a Barney water tumbler to go with the bento box as well. And recently she’s been talking about doing this and that with her teacher when she goes to school next year:
When I go to school ah, I’ll show this sticker book to my teacher.
When I go to school ah, I’ll show teacher my colour pencil
When I go to school ah, I’ll ask my teacher to take me to the toilet
I hope her enthusiasm on going to school will continue, coz I can only take 2 days off work when she starts kindy next year, as I need to attend my company annual sales meeting from Wednesday onwards.

Here are some shots taken at the Taman Tun Park recently.


Liew said...

Wah lau..........she is one sexy little lady in her swimsuit ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I know what you mean about the "feeding" part!

I'm not so patient anymore and have been using the cane on the chair to hurry him up :P

Sigh...Lucas still needs MamyPoko at nights, which mean I need to stock up on our trip back this time.

I'm really happy with his pee and poo during the day though. No more accidents!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - She's always so vain what.

Kittycat - the cane works on Lucas? Sigh! My stubborn little girl is not even intimidated by the cane anymore. Stock up on Mamypoko?'re gonna be lugging so many bags back to China.

jazzmint said...

wow she's all ready for school eh

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - let's hope she's as enthusiastic as she is now when she actually starts school