January 02, 2011


I came across this restaurant while browsing Buffafly’s blog. I googled to find out more and found really good reviews by many food bloggers. Turned out, the restaurant is located at Sri Manja Square One (off Old Klang Road), opposite Sri Manja Court, where we once lived before moving to our current house in early 2007. The commercial area of Sri Manja Square One started operation just before we moved out.

We went there for lunch today, and since it was still only slightly past 12noon, we were the only customers there so our meals came in a jiffy. One of the reviews did comment that service was poor during peak hours, so I guess it pays to be there early, especially if you have hungry children.

The restaurant wall is adorned with blown-up pictures of dishes on their menu.

Back to the food, I ordered the famous pork burger (RM6.90) for myself and the tomato meatball spaghetti (RM8.90) for the girls, while hubby ordered the roasted pork belly (RM13.90). The pork burger lived up to its rave reviews with a thick, juicy and tender patty. Accompanied by lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mayo and a slightly tangy sauce, each bite was thoroughly satisfying. The girls’ spaghetti came with four generously huge pork balls, which tasted as yummy as the burger patty. There was a generous amount of sauce too, unlike some other restaurants which can be a little stingy with the pasta sauces. Hubby commented that his roasted pork belly was nothing extraordinary, but I liked the tender, succulent meat underneath the crispy skin. It came with a brown sauce that’s subtle enough to not overpower the taste of the pork. And we both loved the dollop of apple sauce at the side that provided a nice contrasting tartness to the meat.

For those who are worried about the porky taste/smell as I am, rest assured that none was present in all our orders. For non-pork eaters, there’s a variety of beef, lamb, chicken and fish dishes, as well as a selection of pasta and sandwiches too. The only thing missing, as would be expected from a Western eatery such as this, is dessert. I could be mistaken, but I don’t remember seeing any dessert on the menu.

Most reviews commented that their servings are small but at the end of the meal, I was satisfyingly full, yet not too stuffed. But perhaps there’s some truth in the reviews, as I did polish off the girls’ unfinished spaghetti.

By the time we left, the restaurant was slightly more than half full. I will definitely return for more tasty, wholesome and affordable porky fare.


Small Kucing said...

hmmm....must go and makan there :D.

Cynthia said...

I've never had a pork burger before but it sure sounds yummy!!! No desserts? How can????

Alice Law said...

I see... Nambawan(Number one) is no kidding, I won't mind to give it a try, since the food looks pretty delicious!^-^

Keep well and have a nice day!

Hui-Wearn said...

yummy! haven't tried it yet but maybe one day.....

was just at Ninja Joe (Tropicana Mall) for pork burgers during the weekend.... and then hopped over to another restaurant nearby for more porky goodness - minced pork porridge with you tiau! very delicious!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - you are the first person that came to my mine when I posted this :-)

Cyn - it was truly yummy. Yeah lor, exactly my sentiment - how can no desserts :-)

Alice - give it a try.

HW - heard about Ninja Joe but never tried before. Perhaps you should go try Nambawan and let us know the verdict.

Chinneeq said...

first time hear of pork burger. Must surely try!