October 18, 2011

Dolphins at Kilim Geoforest Park

I was in Langkawi again last weekend for the same event as the previous week, but this time for another group of customers.  I had planned on giving the Kilim tour a miss this round, since I went last week but since two of my invited speakers were keen to join, I decided to accompany them.

This time, I brought along my dSLR and managed to get better shots of the cave, fishes and eagles.

(L) The stalactite and stalagmite met to form the Twin Towers of the Bat Cave (R) This formation is 400 million years old 

The formation on the left looks like a frog head while the one on the right looks like a snake 

The mudskipper, a special kind of fish that live most of their life on land instead of water

This palm-like plant is called Cycad, a primitive plant that existed since 200 million years ago 

An eagle swooping down to the surface of the water to grab some chicken pieces

Once we were done with all the places we went last week, I thought we would be making our way back to the jetty.  Instead, our boatman decided that it was still early, and took us to a spot where we would be able to catch some animal action.  Soon after, someone spotted something swimming in the water and our guide told us that it could be an otter so the boat inched closer for a better view.  It turned out to be a giant monitor lizard.

We were keeping our eyes peeled for any movement in the water looking for otter when someone excitedly shouted, “Look!  Dolphins!”  To our delight, a school of about 3-4 dolphins were swimming past our boat, and cameras immediately started clicking away.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get good shots of them L  Being the shy and gentle creatures that they are, the dolphins were not keen to show themselves too much so most of our shots were only of their fin appearing above the water.

After some time, the boatman started the boat engine as we prepared to leave and as if on cue, the dolphins reappeared and frolicked around us, as if asking us to stay longer, and we did.  We eventually moved to another spot and to our amazement, another school of dolphins appeared!  The lucky stars were definitely shining on us that day as we spotted a total of 3 schools of dolphins.

I’ve never seen a dolphin swimming in the wild but on that day, I saw easily 10 dolphins.  Boy, was I glad that my invited speakers decided to join the tour, otherwise I would have missed this magical moment.


LittleLamb said...

I didnt spot the dophins. u must be very fortunate.

A Mom's Diary said...

Little Lamb - I thought so too! Should have came back and buy 4D :-)