January 14, 2012

Random updates of my 2.5-year old

I’ve been terribly slack in keeping tabs of Yan Yan’s progress, and I also noticed that I’ve not written about her for such a long time, so here’s a post dedicated to her.

She’s almost 2.5 years now and has very pronounced terrible two syndromes.  Among other things, she bites her jie-jie when she doesn’t get her way and throws things when she’s unhappy.  Because of these bad behaviours, she’s been smacked umpteenth times.  I don’t remember having to smack her jie-jie much those days.  The one thing that will put her in her place is when her jie-jie picks up the phone and pretends to call the police.  She falls for it every single time and would quickly stop misbehaving.  Ha ha!  Lets see how long more will this trick last.  Threatening her with the cane only works sometimes.

She also has a very short fuse and terrible temper – and it’s unusual to hear her scream out of nowhere whenever she’s frustrated when she cannot get things done.  And whenever she knows I'm angry with her and glare at her, she’ll close her eyes with her hands, behaving like an ostrich - I don't see you means you can't see me too :-)

Physically, she’s really strong and whenever she wants something and we try to take it away from her, we would be involved in a tug of war. But funnily enough, she’s a real scaredy cat – she wouldn’t go near the water at the pool or beach, and wouldn’t ride or even go near the horse and elephant that her jie-jie was so excited about!

She’s almost fully toilet trained, but we will put on diapers for her at night, as well as when we go out for a long period of time.  But most time, she refuses to pee in the diapers and insist that we bring her to the toilet.  The last few nights, she refused to wear the diapers to sleep and to our surprise, we didn’t have any accident.  Her pooing however, is my Achilles’ heel – she takes forever to poo poo, and it’s pure torture especially when we are out with dirty toilets and I have to carry her over the toilet seat.  Each time, I’d come out from the toilet wet with perspiration while she’d be humming happily.  These are the times when I wished she’s a boy, so that toilet duty can be delegated to the father!

She loves to sing and hum, and dance.  Her favourite song at the moment is “Rhythm of the Falling Rain” where she’ll twirl around the room holding her mini Barbie umbrella.

And oh, how she loves to talk!  She even tells us stories made up in her own fantasy like, “Mummy, yesterday I went to a party.  Yadda yadda yadda…” Or when she watches DVD, she’ll tell us what will happen in the next scene like, “Afterwards they will go dancing.”  She’s also a social butterfly who waves her hand to almost anyone when we are out.

When she was little, she used to be a good eater, but now, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get her to finish her meal.  And when we try to coax her to eat just a few more scoops, she’d just close her mouth with her hands!


chinnee (chinneeq@gmail.com) said...

both your girls are so pretty, just like their mummy!

Small Kucing said...

mine too does the ostrich behaviour

WK Liew said...

The talking and socializing part probably run in the family. Her jie jie also like that one wat

KittyMom said...

Do you think it's the youngest child syndrome? My tot shows very similar characteristics too! Headache, right?

Btw, I've started smacking her hand too :P although it's usually the naughty corner or out of the house!

BoeyJoey said...

Yan YAn looks more and more like her Jie Jie! Cili padi you have there :-).

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - haha, thanks for your kind words *BLUSH*

small kucing - haha, yours too eh?

WK - she's more difficult to handle than her jie-jie leh.

Kittymom - out of the house? Whoa! Mine wanted to run away from home once after being scolded by the papa :-)

Boey Joey - a darn spicy one at that!