May 17, 2012

More crafts work

For the past many weeks, Yiu Yiu didn’t bring home any craft work from her classes, but we knew she was working on a giraffe.  Last Saturday, she finally came home with these:

I love the colourful giraffe.

Girls pretending to ride on the giraffe.

This, another giraffe according to her, is a ring toss toy…

 …and this is a tissue holder.


Kit said...

This art and craft class is really worth it!

Such pretty work - too bad none around our area coz I know the boy would like it too.

Looks like I'll have to take on the art and craft teacher soon too :P

MeRy said...

so creative..

Small Kucing said...

very colourful giraffe

A Mom's Diary said...

Kit - we're contemplating stopping this and enrol her into another art centre nearby. That centre really teaches creative drawing and painting and she loves the environment there - very artsy fartsy :-)

MeRy - thanks.

Small Kucing - I love the giraffe too. It's so cheerful.

chinnee ( said...

from her school? so cute and colorful!

ZMM said...

Awwwww.... so cute.

You planned to change them? More for drawing?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - from her craft class outside, not in school.

Zara's Mama - yeah, thinking of changing her to drawing and painting.