June 06, 2012

My 6.5-year old

My blog is gathering cobwebs!  Just so I dust off some of the cobwebs, here’s an update on my 6.5-year old.

She has a love-hate relationship with her sister.  She can be ultra-protective at times – when Yan Yan misbehaves and we scold/threaten her with a cane, and we ignore her cries, Yiu Yiu will get extremely upset and sometimes would even cry along with her, pleading for us to forgive her.  But she sometimes finds Yan Yan annoying nonetheless, and exclaims “She’s so annoying!” especially when Yan Yan wants whatever that she’s playing with.

One of the occasions when mei-mei didn't demand for what jie-jie was playing with

She’s prone to throwing tantrums when she’s tired, and since she entered Primary 1, it’s been rather frequent unfortunately, since she leaves the house at about 8am, and doesn’t get home until 12 hours later.  The poor girl must be so exhausted by the time she gets home.

She loves sending me sms whenever I travel for work, with sweet nothings like “Mummy, I miss you”, “Mummy, I love you” etc.  Or she would draw something for me to bring along on my work trips, so that it will remind me of her whenever I look at the drawings.

She’s becoming more conscientious with her homework, and would sometimes try to complete them at school in between periods, or after dinner at mum’s place while waiting for me to come home from work.  Once she was totally knackered and fell asleep right after her shower, only to wake up just before midnight with the realization that she hadn’t completed her homework.  Though I reassured her that she can continue sleeping and complete the homework the next day at daycare, she refused and woke up to complete them before going back to sleep.  She will remember to inform me whenever she has spelling/ejaan/ting xie so that I can practice with her.  She normally has no problem with her spelling and ejaan, but needs more help with ting xie.

That’s the positives, and the negatives include being unsure occasionally what homework needs to be completed.  I’ve given her her kindy homework pouch to bring to school, and she knows that she needs to place all homework inside the pouch, and yet sometimes she doesn’t.  She also has a “homework book” where she’s supposed to write down the list of homework and words for ejaan/spelling/ting xie but alas, that book is not utilized.  She prefers to write the words for ejaan/spelling/ting xie in sheets of paper torn from notebooks, which has a tendency to go missing.  I’ve lost count of the times I had to call her classmates for help, to reconfirm the homework as well as words for ejaan/spelling/ting xie :-(

She’s still savouring the freedom to buy whatever she wants with her pocket money, and on most days, spends the RM1 or RM1.50 (depending on whether I pack food for her to bring to school) that we give her daily.  Sad to say we’ve not been able to instill in her the understanding of the value of money just yet.  Hopefully she will soon, when she needs ebay cash.


chanelwong said...

she is going through different phases of life. She is learning as she moves....

WK Liew said...

Look like Yiu Yiu & Yi Hao are Mommy's kids.......one smsed sweet nothing and write sweet notes to Mommy while Yi Hao writes 'diary' for Mommy :)

Small Kucing said...

LOL...my books blog also gathering dust.

A Mom's Diary said...

Chanel - indeed she is.

WK - absolutely. Gotta cherish them while they still wanna write/say sweet nothings to us.

smallkucing - go wipe off the dust :-)

jazzmint said...

love how she write notes to you. It's not easy to adapt to P1 changes. It took a while for Faythe to adjust.

Unknown said...

Hi, good that she is diligent with her homework... Vic used to do her homework hurriedly in between classes, until I realize that her writing is so orrendous I erased it off and told her to redo, or do it at home. For ejaan and ting xie, everything is written in the message book. Does the class teacher practice differently?

Was waiting for updates on your blog, and wow, suddenly so many!

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - she took a while to adjust too. In the beginning, she was often not sure of what homework to do, words for ting xie/ejaan etc.

Irene - yeah, sometimes Yiu Yiu's writing is horrendous too, and similarly, I would erase them and asked her to do again :-) She has a message book but I don't think the teacher enforces the rule to copy everything into the message book so sometimes she missed out.