July 10, 2012

Random updates

After I came back from Beijing, I had to travel to Melaka for a 2-day meeting.  Since it was the school holiday, Yiu Yiu wanted to come along, and so hubby took leave and came along, together with the girls.  So while I was busy meeting whole day along, the girls…
…took their time to enjoy the buffet breakfast
…hung out at the pool

…had bubble bath and soaked themselves silly in the bathtub

…watched cartoons in bed with free flow of snacks and jasmine green tea

…and did some homework with jquery slideshow

It was a good start to the school holidays!  The girls were happy just hanging out at the hotel, and I was happy that I get to see them when the day was over.  This short trip was the prelude to a planned holiday trip, coming up in the next few posts.


The week after school reopened, hubby went to collect YY's report card as I was away.  When it was his turn to see the teacher, he mentioned Yiu Yiu’s name, and her teacher simply said, "Oh! Yxx Yxx, nothing to comment about".  Hubby went "Huh??!" and the teacher quickly clarified that she's doing OK in school, above average and nothing outstandingly good or bad to comment about.  So is that good or bad?


LittleLamb said...

wah...the teacher's comment so generic. or perhaps she is not paying enough attention to all the kids? since teacher said no worries..then all is well.

Small Kucing said...

sound fun trip

WK Liew said...

No news is good news la

A Mom's Diary said...

Little Lamb - exactly! But guess it's not easy for her since she has close to 40 students.

Small kucing - indeed, the girls enjoyed themselves.

WK - I guess so.