May 02, 2014

Field trip – Aquaria KLCC

Last year, Yan Yan’s kindy’s field trip was to the Farm in the City.  As Yiu Yiu has not been there as well, I decided to bring the girls there on our own instead of joining the kindy.  While we had loads of fun, instead of rushing through the exhibits as a kindy field trip would, Yan Yan felt a little left out when her friends discussed about their visit after the trip.  So this year, we decided to let her join the field trip to the Aquaria.  I took half-day leave to join her and to become a mamarazzi, since this blog needs some contents J

We gathered at the kindy at about 9.15am to board the chartered buses – four in total if I’m not mistaken.  We reached the Aquaria at around 10.30am.
Queuing up to board the bus
Having her quick bite in the bus.  She was given an option to sit with me or with her friend and she chose her friend :-)
Disembarking the bus at KLCC
Since there were easily 120-150 children there, you can imagine the havoc inside the Aquaria.  As expected, we had to rush through and squeezzeeeeed to view the exhibits.  I really pity all the tourists/visitors who happened to be there on that day J
Admiring Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Stingrays, Green Turtles and other fishes at the Oceanarium
We were then gathered at the Aquatheatre at about 11.15am, for the fish feeding show at 12noon.  Many children got really restless waiting 45-60 mins for the show to start, but the show was worth the wait.
The diver bidding the children goodbye at the end of the show
Yan Yan with her classmates
We left shortly after the show ended with everyone having a packed lunch in the bus.

This trip reinforces my belief that trips like this are better off taken on our own.  This was my first time at the Aquaria and I am pretty impressed, especially with the Oceanarium and the fish feeding show at the Aquatheatre.  On certain days, there’s shark feeding too.  I think we will definitely make a more leisurely trip there on our own in future.

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