September 03, 2014

Merdeka weekend

During the Merdeka weekend, we went back to Kuantan, but not before being caught in the massive jam just as we passed the Gombak toll.  It took us almost two hours just to clear Genting Sempah.  Genting Highlands must have been packed to the brim with holiday makers.

As usual, when in Kuantan, we would head to the beach but was caught in the jam heading there.  From afar, we could see that the parking near the beach was already packed so we detoured to the Mini Zoo @ Taman Teruntum.  This is more like a park than a zoo, but it’s a rather nice place with some animals which are decently kept.  The best thing is the free entrance J

Yiu Yiu petting a deer

Feeding time for the baby crocodiles 

There was an operator with several orb balls and a bouncing castle in the park and the adventurous Yiu Yiu took a shot at the orb ball.

That night, we had an advance 68th birthday celebration for FIL, whose actual birthday is not till three weeks later.

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Her rainbow colored dress is so pretty!