October 22, 2014

2014 TJC concert

Yan Yan kindy organized their biennial concert at the end of last month.  The theme this year was “Party in the 70’s”.

The event started with the children marching in, followed by welcome speech by three Year 6 children in Malay, English and Chinese.

Preparing for the march-in outside the hall

Marching in

Welcome speech in three languages

After the speeches by the principal and DUMC senior pastor, it was time for the presentation of scroll to the six year olds.

The concert started immediately after the presentation of scroll, and boy, were they good!  There were 10 performances in total, and were really well choreographed.  The costumes were really pretty too, and surely brought out the spirit of the 70’s. 

First performance by Year 5 students, to the tune of Hooray, Hooray by the late Sudirman

Year 3 students dancing to the tune of "Lollipop"

Mambo Rock by Year 6 students

A Hindi number, and no, it's not Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...it's Haina Bolo Bolo by Year 4 students

 Doing That Thing You Do by Year 6 students

 Year 4 students doing the twist

Year 6 students dancing to a classic Chinese oldies Ja Jambo by 葛蘭

Yan Yan's dance was the third from last - We Go Together, a number from the movie Grease 

I think Yan Yan danced quite well, but this is of course my biased opinion :-)

Mamma Mia by Year 6 students 

A dance from another Chinese number, Ta Lang (踏浪) by 卓依婷

With jie jie and babysitter after the concert

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