December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

This Christmas season, we visited the Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid and 1-Utama.  The décor at 1-Utama was most forgettable so we didn’t take any photos.

At Sunway Pyramid, the theme was “A Hoopful Christmas”.  The theme centred on a circus featuring polar bears, vibrant hula hoops and stacks of colourful presents.
The theme at Pavilion was "Christmas Magnificence", and magnificent it was indeed.  The centerpiece was a 40-feet LED Santa Claus surrounded by dazzling Christmas trees, singing snowmen and animated elves.  There was also a mini ferries wheel for the little ones. 

People say a picture paints a thousand words…in this case, I think the pictures still couldn’t do justice to the decoration at Pavilion, and so here are some videos for those who missed Pavilion this year.


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