September 11, 2006

Attracting attention

Two weeks ago, we went to Midvalley as I wanted to do some last minute shopping before the mega sales end. I was carrying Yiu Yiu as we strolled around the mall. We walked past an event organized by Body Shop where they have professional make-up artist and hair-stylist on duty to get participants ready for their photo shoot. I wanted to point something out to hubby and so lightly patted his arm and said "Eh!" To our surprise, Yiu Yiu then extended her tiny hand and patted hubby on his arm as well, exactly the same way I did! We were so amused with her antic and laughed so hard. All through the evening, we experimented to see if she'd mimic us if we were to pat each other's arm to attract the other person's attention. She didn’t disappoint us, kept mimicking our actions. Hubby was so amused that he was still laughing over it the next day. Children, they really tickle us. And the other lesson I learnt that day is to avoid behaving or speaking badly in front of her in future as she might just absorb them like sponge.

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