September 04, 2006

My darling is 10 months old

At 10 months now, my little darling has achieved numerous developmental milestones. She has been able to sit without support and creep since she was about six months old. She advanced to crawling by about 7½ months. Her recent achievements include being able to stand by holding on to something, pull up to a standing position from sitting, get into a sitting position from her stomach, clap hands and wave bye-bye when asked to, pass an object from one hand to the other, pick up tiny objects with her thumb and finger, cruise (walk holding on to furniture), work to get a toy out of reach and turn in the direction of a voice.

She now understands simple instructions such as "No" (but not necessarily obeys it), "Come to mummy" and "Pick up the ball". Her verbal repertoires are wider too. Besides nen nen and mum mum (that's for food!), she's also able to say papa and mama, though I'm not sure at this point it's spoken discriminately. And she's always talking in her own gibberish way while in her car seat on the way to babysitter or while playing on her own. She also seems to have developed a mind of her own and will object if we try to take something away from her.

Recently I noticed that after she wakes up from her sleep or nap, and if hubby or I are sleeping with her, she'll crawl over and lie down on our chest. I feel really good whenever she does that, it's as if she's saying, "I've missed you over the last couple of hours and I want to make up for the lost time."

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