August 21, 2006

How baby changed my life

I normally tune in to Mix FM while driving and the topic of discussion this morning certainly captured my interest. Richard and Shaz were discussing on how a baby changes one's lives. I thought this is a really interesting topic and decided to write about it here.

I am certainly more patient person now. Dealing with such a tiny creature who constantly needs your attention and care, patience just suddenly becomes second nature. I'm also more forgiving of people who behave badly on the wheels. I'm not sure if that's a direct consequence of being more patient, or I've simply mellowed down.

Spontaneity is out of the window too. Hubby and I arrange our schedules around Yiu Yiu's schedule. Going out on a weekend is much more than just getting ready and get out the door. We will make sure she's had her porridge, bathe and dress her, etc before getting ready ourselves. Just when we are all set to step out the door, Yiu Yiu decides to nap and we'll just have to wait till she wakes up coz I'm one who do not like to disturb a baby's sleep. Also, no more spontaneous trips back to hometown whenever we feel like it coz now everything needs to be planned with precision.

I've also become good at doing everything single handedly, literally speaking. I'll eat my noodles with chopsticks, tap on the keyboard, get her bath ready, choose clothes from a pile that is on sales, etc while holding her in one hand. Talk about multitasking!

And above all, it is how Yiu Yiu changed my perspective and priority in life. Work is not longer at the very top of my priority list and I'm no longer concerned about achieving, or trying to achieve, perfection in everything I do. As Stephen Covey would approve, I know what my big rocks in life are and I don't sweat the small pebbles anymore. And to me, that's the most important change in my life.


jazzmint said...

agree with you, when we have kids our priority changes, our life turn around 360 degrees and sometimes we feel as though it's madness all this thing happening. But above all, when we see them smiling at us, everything doesn't matter anymore.

just love the feeling that everyday u go home, you have an admirer sitting at home waiting for u, no matter what silly things you do, u are still the best to them :)

KittyCat said...

Hello! Do we know each other? Anyway, your story sounds so much like ours LOL Guess we Mums & Dads are all alike when it comes down to our little babies.

Hmm...Lucas is 2.5 months younger than Yiu Yiu. Keep in touch ya so we can exchange experiences!

And welcome to the blogging world!

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks for dropping by...just discovered that your comments were sitting in my comment box, awating moderation...hehehe...I'm still a novice in this and am still learning how things work.