January 04, 2007

Bathe standing up

About three months back, when Yiu Yiu could stand steadily while holding onto something, I attempted to bathe her in the shower standing up. However, she fought vigorously as she didn't like the way water trickled down her while washing her hair. As I want her to enjoy her bath time, I decided to give it a break and resumed bathing her in the baby bath tub.

Though I continued bathing her in the tub, I tried to get her used to the sensation of water trickling down her face and neck by splashing water at her face and pouring water down her head. Each time, I'll give her a warning by asking her to look down. It also helped that we recently went to the pool frequently and in the process, she's more familiar with controlled breathing technique.

Last week, I tried bathing her again standing up in the shower. After wetting her hair and applying shampoo, I asked her to look down before rinsing the shampoo off. I guess due to the constant conditioning, she knew what to expect and took it really well. Heck, she even seemed to enjoy it! I've since bathed her standing up successfully the past few times so here goes my success story in bidding farewell to the bath tub.

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