January 03, 2007

The first few steps to independence...

About three weeks ago, we witnessed out little darling pulling herself up while sitting without assistance or holding on to something for support. She stood there wobbly for a short few seconds before sitting down again. We applauded her efforts and showered her with kisses and praises and she seemed extremely pleased with herself. Since then, she repeated the stunt many times with increasing stability. People tell me that by achieving this milestone, she'll walk in no time. And true enough, the babysitter told me one evening that she managed to take two little steps but this mummy has yet to have the opportunity to witness the significant milestone.

Last Sunday afternoon, while watching CSI on TV, my little darling pulled herself up and stood about one foot away from me. She looked like she wanted to come to me so I reach out my hand and said, "Come Yiu Yiu, walk to mummy". To my amazement, she slowly took one, two, three, four and five steps before I caught her in my arms. Hubby and my in-laws were there to witness this momentous moment and we were all grinning from ear to ear.

So I can now proudly declare that my little darling took her first steps one day shy of her 15th month.


Angeleyes said...

Yiu-yiu is a big girl lioa... soon she will be running about and you will having a hard time keeping up with her!

Anonymous said...

wow.. Yiu is so clever!