April 04, 2007

17-month old

I promised I'll write about my recent trip to the US but I have been really bogged down by work ever since I came back. I've had absolutely no respite at which I can put my thoughts and photos together so I guess the account of my trip will have to wait just a little longer. But I've got to jump start my writing again, so Yiu Yiu turning 17 months is just the right impetus to do so. So here's an update of her development:
Physical: We've not weighed her since January so I have absolutely no idea how heavy she is right now. But when we were back in Kuantan last weekend for Ching Ming, my sister-in-law commented that she looked visibly more "meaty". She has four teeth on both her upper and lower gums. Unfortunately, I've not started her on the habit of brushing teeth so I hope I'm not too late. We've just bought her a training toothbrush last weekend so will have to start getting her used to brushing.
Mobility: She can walk steadily now; in fact she's developing a knack for running. Ironically, instead of refusing to let us hold her hands while we are out, now she likes both mummy and papa to hold her hands, one on each side. She also likes to perform head tumble on the mattress.
Comprehension: She can comprehend even complex sentences and understand the concept of cause and effect. Since she's still such a boob addict, sometimes when we are out and she wants to nurse and points to my breasts, I'll say "We are outside now, no place for nen-nen. Mummy gives you nen-nen when we are in the car, OK?" She'll simply nod her head with an emphatic "Mmpph" and wait to claim her reward when we are back in the car. Whenever she hears any mobile phone rings or the alert tone of an incoming SMS, she'll draw our attention by calling out "Papa". Funnily enough she thinks all the phone calls are for her papa. She's getting better at letting us know her needs: asking for more milk by handing to us her empty bottle, pointing in the direction of the cupboard where her diapers are kept if she needs changing.
Language: Her recent vocabulary includes (in Cantonese or Mandarin) oi (want), moi (don't want), ye ye (paternal grandfather), ma ma (paternal grandmother), gu gu (aunt, hubby's sister), jiu jiu (uncle, my brother), yi yi (aunt, my sisters), che che (big sister), ko ko (big brother), xie xie (thank you). In fact, she can repeat most single syllable words we teach her such as ball, shoes, horse, bath.
Feeding: She still insists on having her own set of bowl and spoon whenever we eat. She can self-feed quite OK now with morsels of food dropping here and there. So most times when we eat, we'll just fill her bowl with some food and let her practise self-feeding. She still uses her hand to pick up pieces of food from her bowl whenever she gets frustrated with not being able to scoop any with her spoon. Luckily her appetite had improved in the last month and she can at least finish three-quarters of what I intend to feed her.
Social: She is sociable and extremely pleased when she has other children for company, be it her cousins or the neighbour's daughter. She doesn't mind sharing her toys with other children so I hope she'll grow up to become a generous child. She knows she's loved and she'll try to manja (Malay…) at every opportunity. Last weekend while in Kuantan, she's got a red mark on her right arm from an insect bite. We were chatting in the living room and she cruised from person to person to show each of us the bite mark and expect everyone to sayang (love in Malay) her arm. She also knows how to reciprocate by tenderly stroking mummy's and papa's cheeks when we ask her to sayang us.
This & That: We bought her a children table and chair set and some colour pencils. Her early fascination with these new gadgets includes inserting the colour pencils into the nooks of the table. When she's in the mood for drawing, she'll scribble loopy pictures on the stack of recycled papers that papa put together. And she'll insist that either mummy or papa sits next to her and draws along. Papa bought her a toy motorcycle while mummy was away in the US and she loves to ride on it. She was introduced to the Barney song recently and will cross her arms to hug her body when we come to the line "With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you." She can perform simple tasks such as throwing her soiled diaper into the waste basket, and imitating the roar of a lion by holding both her hands up and hollers "Waaa!" And she's showing signs of becoming the next Imelda Marcos…she absolutely adores shoes. Whenever she steps out from the house, she'll point to the shoe cabinet and says, "Shoe shoe". And whenever we walk by the children shoes department while out shopping, she'll refuse to leave till she's dragged away. When buying her shoes, she'll refuse to take off the new pair we put on for her to try. Poor mummy and papa have to bring the empty box to the cashier for payment!

Clockwise from top left: notice the colour pencils jutting out from the table nooks, artist at work, vrooming away, her masterpiece

Clockwise from top left: hear me roar, her shoes collection, doing the Barney hug, her current favourite book


allthingspurple said...

Hey, Wai Leng, i am impressed that Yiu Yiu actually wait for nen nen !! Mine sometimes won't, like if she's sleepy.

A Mom's Diary said...

allthingspurple, she tends to be demanding too when she's sleepy, especially at home. i guess that's just the way they are.