April 23, 2007

Connected, at long last!

For the longest time, I've wanted to install broadband at home. We didn't have a phone line at our old apartment and since we were moving, we decided not to pursue the idea till we moved to the new house. Not having internet connection at home was a major inconvenience, as I had to stay in office late to surf and blog. With the limited time I have to go online, coupled with my extremely heavy workload lately, I've not been able to go online as much as I'd like to.

I was considering whether to install Streamyx or the recently introduced Maxis broadband service. As I wasn’t sure of the stability of the new service from Maxis, I finally decided to stick to the conventional Streamyx and visited TMpoint office at Damansara Utama last month. To my disappointment, I was informed that my house has not been updated in their system and as such, I couldn't apply for a phone line, a pre-requisite for Streamyx. This was a major surprise to me as I knew very well some of my neighbours in the same row already have a phone line. The lady at the counter offered to help me to log a case to register my house in their system but was not able to tell when this could be done.

I was on leave that day and headed to 1-Utama to do some shopping and bumped into a friend. When I told her about my predicament at TMpoint earlier, she encouraged me to go for Maxis as she was having a lot of problem with Streamyx. As luck would have it, there's a Maxis service centre at 1-Utama and there's a promotion whereby the deposit, registration and installation fees, would be waived. I went ahead and registered, and opted for the basic 3G package which offers unlimited monthly access at 384kbps for RM68, inclusive of modem rental.

Yesterday, almost 4 weeks after I registered, I've got Maxis broadband installed at home. Hopefully, I can go online more frequently now.


Liew said...

Congratulations!!! You are finally connected :)

Now you don't hv to stay back so late in office.

Now if we go back to Ipoh, can still access to internet :)

A Mom's Diary said...

yeah, and when we are back in ipoh, please don't fight with me for the modem ok.

Liew said...

Aiyah I will not fight with you, after all it's yours ma..........so I got to wait till you dun use it anymore lor or when your daughter needs your attention lor ;)