November 19, 2007

Language development

Mummy (walking into the bedroom and saw a spider the floor): What's that, Yiu Yiu?
Yiu Yiu: Spiderman!

Mummy and Yiu Yiu waiting for ma-ma to do her ultrasound scan in the hospital
Yiu Yiu (suddenly broke into a song): Wo ai ni, wo ai ni, wo ai ni (I love you, I love you, I love you)

Mummy: Going up/down the stairs with Yiu Yiu trailing behind
Yiu Yiu (in authoritative tone): Mummy, wait!

Yiu Yiu: Pretending to cough
Mummy: What happened?
Yiu Yiu: Yiu Yiu coughing ah…(spoken in the tone of "As if you don't know")

The babysitter's hubby (whom Yiu Yiu addresses as "Apek") calls her darling so here's a typical question we ask her (in Mandarin).
Mummy: Yiu Yiu she Apek de shen me?
Yiu Yiu (with an emphatic tone): Apek darling
Mummy: Yiu Yiu she mummy de shen me?
Yiu Yiu: Mummy honey
Mummy: Yiu Yiu she papa de shen me?
Yiu Yiu: Papa sweetheart

Mummy: Yiu Yiu come take bath
Yiu Yiu (taking off her shorts and put it into the laundry basket): Yiu Yiu so clever
Mummy (slaps forehead!): My perasan little girl

Mummy was sitting at the back of the car and playing with Yiu Yiu while papa is driving. Out of the blue she said, "Ng choi lei" (don't want to talk to you), hmmpphh!
Mummy was dumbstruck! Some more got hmmpphh at the end for effect!


Liew said...

Wah she really very clever!!! She can be in PR or broadcasting line when she grows up ;) or maybe a singer since she likes to dance to music

beckysmum said...

hahaha.. children are cute~

chanelwong said...

she is growing soo much...

jazzmint said...

haha i like the last one, don't wanna talk to u LOL