May 06, 2008

Weekend at home

Hubby had to work last weekend so it was just me and Yiu Yiu. We went to the TTDI park again on Saturday and Yiu Yiu had a ball of a time blowing bubbles for other kids to chase.

We then rushed home to get ready for an early Mother’s Day dinner with mum and my siblings. We decided to have an early celebration coz we figured most places will be packed next week. Furthermore, I have to go to Penang next weekend and it’ll be rather late by the time I get back next Sunday. Hubby got home as I was bathing Yiu Yiu. We had a simple dinner in Sungai Way, at a typical ‘tai chow’ restaurant with absolutely yummy food. When we got home, I smelt a strong arid smell the moment I opened the front door. This was what caused the smell.

Hubby was boiling some water and forgot to turn off the stove. I count our lucky stars that we only had to deal with the burnt saucepan, and no further harm came to the house.

Sunday was spent shopping for a new saucepan to replace the burnt one, and tiffin carriers, coz we started catering for dinner from the babysitter. Since she cooks for her family, we just ‘tumpang’ and she’ll simply cook an additional portion for hubby and me. In the afternoon, I stayed home to allow the weekly cleaners to clean the house. This time, the boss sent different workers, not the few regular ones who'd came before. These two were hopeless - couldn’t follow instructions even though they kept saying yes to this and yes to that when I briefed them, and lied about having cleaned out all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, even though it was obvious some were not cleaned. Worst, they didn’t even rinse out the mops after mopping. The kitchen floor felt slippery and I decided to mop it again while they were outside waiting for their boss to arrive to pick them. The water was filthy when I rinsed the mop. Now I understand the numerous negative comments I’ve heard/read about problems with Indonesian maids.


Liew said...

I hope you complained to the agency and make sure they dun send you the same ppl again

mybabybay said...

Wow tat was a close call. How come use pot to boil water and not use a kettle?

chanelwong said...

you have such a good nanny also can cater food...

It must be a great time spending time with Yiu Yiu in the park..

Hijackqueen said...

Ouch, what a mishap. Good thing it was just a hourly maid. Just imagine if that is your own maid. I think you can pengsan. You know what, Yiu Yiu has grown cuter each day. lol. i just love her two ponytail.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - yes, I spoke to the boss and he said he'll not send these two to me again.

Mybabybay - Hubby and I normally drink filtered water off the tap but we still boil for YY. So since we boil only small amount each time, we use the saucepan lor.

Chanel - Yes, so blessed to have her, and all thanks to you.

Hijackqueen - I know, that's why I can understand all the headache people have with their maids. YY is very vain now, always want to tie her hair or put hair clips