May 29, 2008

Short updates

Since I stopped updating Yiu Yiu’s monthly developments, I have not really been keeping tabs on her developments. Anyhow, most of her developments in the last couple of months are more on her verbal and memory skills, rather than physical ones. Here are some of them:

She can climb up the steps to the slides in the local playground. I was quite surprised when I saw her climbing enthusiastically up the steps when I brough her to the playground sometime last month.

She has two peek-a-boo books on animal which I read to her almost every night at one point. Once, while I was taking my bath, papa read to her and purposely left out the last word of each sentence and she promptly completed those sentences. I was quite amazed that she could remember all those words and placed them in the correct sentences, as there are five sentences in each book.

Verbal and comprehension
Mummy scolded Yiu Yiu at lunch (for something which I can’t remember now). Yiu Yiu retorted, “I’m angry, mummy no manners”
Mummy has stiff neck and complained to Yiu Yiu that mummy’s neck pain-pain. She came over, stroked mummy’s neck and said, “Yiu Yiu sayang mummy’s neck”.
Mummy has headache and complained to Yiu Yiu. Yiu Yiu said, “Mummy headache take medicine lah”

Her all-time favourite phrase now is “you know”. Most sentences will end up with “you know”.
Yiu Yiu wanna watch Barney, you know
Yiu Yiu wanna drink milk-milk first, you know
Etc etc…

The why’s have also started coming, though not fast and furious just yet. Her all-time favourite question is, “Why your nen-nen so big one, why my nen-nen so small one?” - PENGSAN


Liew said...

Oh oh you have brace yourself for the inquisitive stage soon

chanelwong said...

she is growing up well..har har..soo funny her question...

SleeplessInKL said...

dang! i wouldn't know how to answer that question either!!! ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - already coming

Chanel - she can really tickle me with her words

Sleeplessinkl - my answer is plain simple, coz I'm a big girl and she's a small girl. Hehehe..

KittyCat said...

Ugh, I tried to avoid teaching Lucas the word "nen-nen" but had to when he pointed to them and said, "Ball! Big!"

But after he knew it, he'd pull my blouse, look in and helped himself! Grr...Hubby said he knows his priorities fast.

Now, when the little tyke is in a mad mood, he'll run around the hall shouting, "NEN NEN! NEN NEN!"

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - Hahaha...your little tyke is so farnee. Shouting NEN NEN NEN NEN while running around the hall? Just make sure he doesn't do the same at the playground :-)
So you managed to sort out the connection problem liao? Since you can drop comments here now.