June 02, 2008

Weekend at Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort

This is sunset at the beach of the Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran, Sabah.

I was there for an endocrinology meeting over three days starting from Friday, and managed to steal some time to visit the beach and catch the sunset. The beach, with its fine brown sand, stretched along the South China Sea as far as the eyes could see but compared to Nexus Karambunai Resort, a similar beach resort in KK, I thought Nexus scored higher in terms of its natural beauty.

A blowpipe demonstration taking place

A range of games is arranged by the hotel, traditional music is played to welcome guests to the hotel

We went to Salut Seafood Restaurant, about 20 minutes away from the hotel for dinner on Friday. We had three seafood combination, fish maw soup, steam prawn, spicy black pepper crab, steam grouper, spider conch shell with dry chili, stir fried Sabah vegetable with belacan and seafood fried rice. The food was mediocre, with the soup and fried rice almost tasteless. The only saving grace was the steam prawn, spider conch shell and Sabah vegetable. Portions were small and the 40 of us didn’t really feel too full despite having pre-ordered food for 50 pax. At a cost of RM65/pax, I felt we got a raw deal.

On Saturday night, we went to Gayang Seafood Restaurant and this was WAY better than Salut. We had fish maw & fish lips broth, steam tiger grouper, baked pearl lobster with wet butter sauce, steam prawn, deep fried soft shell crab, fried Sabah vegetable with belacan and Japanese beancurd with diced chicken. All the dishes were good and came in generous portions. I would definitely recommend Gayang over Salut, though the set caused us RM75/pax.

Since the food was so good, we went there again for lunch on Sunday before leaving for the airport. We ordered ala carte, and repeated several dishes from yesterday such as steam grouper, baked pearl lobster with wet butter sauce and steam prawn. We also had ‘tong fung’ snail, a different type of vegetable, coz they didn’t have the Sabah vegetable, and fried Tuaran noodles with seafood. It was yummy, as expected, and was a nice end to our working weekend.


mybabybay said...

I love those prawns. :P~~~

Lydia said...

Hello, stumbled on your blog when I searched for places of interest in Amsterdam and I am hooked on your blog. You have a clear and concise style, which makes reading so much easier. Yiu Yiu is really beautiful too :) Do keep updating!

A Mom's Diary said...

Mybabybay - those prawns are really fresh. I'm still drooling over them (wiping saliva)!

Lydia - thanks for dropping by, and thanks so much for your kind comments. It really perks me up knowing readers out there enjoy reading the posts. Do drop in more often yeah.