June 10, 2008

Birthday celebrations

We celebrated mum’s and younger brother’s birthday last Saturday coz both their birthdays fall in the middle of this week and only 3 days apart from one another. We went to Restoran LYJ Sdn Bhd, all the way in Kampung Baru Sg Buloh for pun choy. Pun choy consists of several different kinds of meat and vegetables served layer by layer in a big dish. This restaurant however, uses a larger but shallower serving dish so the different kinds of food are served in separate clusters. There were steamed chicken, pei pa duck, fish, prawn, and broccoli and cauliflower arranged neatly on top of the dish. Underneath was a heavenly delicious dish of braised sea cucumber, mushroom, pork, fish maw, clams, chicken feet, pig trotters and beancurd skin. The thick and flavourful gravy was so good and you can practically just eat your rice with the gravy alone. We also bought a Mango Delight cake from Secret Recipe and had that as dessert to round up the wonderful meal.

The birthday boy and birthday girl

(L) The whole clan (R) The two kiddos excitedly "helping" to cut the birthday cake

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