August 13, 2008

Authentic Filipino food in Kuching

I was in Kuching two weeks ago for a short trip and tried out the Filipino restaurant Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw Ihaw at Padungan Road aka Chinatown. Run by Karen and her Filipino family, you get a taste of authentic Filipino cooking in a simple but cozy set-up.

The restaurant is decorated with Filipino wall decoration, lightings, etc

We ordered their signature dish Crispy Pata (roast pork knuckles), stuffed fish (minced fish meat with plenty of Filipino spices), pumpkin special (pumpkin, long bean, squid and prawn cooked in coconut milk) and Sinigang (tamarind soup with fish head). Instead of white rice, we had garlic rice to accompany the dishes. And instead of plates, they used a rattan serving dish topped with banana leaf – quite unique, and a much nicer presentation. The dishes were good but the Crispy Pata was quite a disappointment. When it was served to us, it was cold and though the skin was crispy, the meat was rather dry. I’ve definitely had better roasted pork knuckles than this. We also had dessert, which tasted like yam cake but it way too sweet. Nevertheless, the menu was extensive and service was fast. I’ll probably go again if I find myself in Kuching.

Clockwise from top left: stuffed fish, Crispy Pata, garlic rice on serving dish, pumpkin special

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