August 01, 2008

Durian fest – Part 1

The king of the fruit season is back! And this time, I’ve had so much durian that I think I'll probably not crave it for some time. Reason is that BIL brought back durians by the baskets! He works in a construction company and was working on a highway project near Nilai. There are several durian orchards near his project site and he’s been getting them by the baskets for a song – D24, D101, and many other variants which I can’t remember their names by.

Can you believe this was sold for a mere RM10? In fact, we've already had a few before I remembered to take a photo.

Plump, thick yellow flesh - the signature of a good durian

Watch the cholesterol, mum!

The aftermath

He has since been transferred to work on another project, so farewell to cheap (almost free!) durians.


Chinneeq said...

wah...really cheap ler...durian can really make us go crazy hor?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - either you love it or you hate it...hehehe..

allthingspurple said...

huaaaahhh... your BIL really know how to pick good durians !!!

Your mom is such a sport, posing for you.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!!! durian!!! :D

A Mom's Diary said...

Allthingspurple - he's so used to durians now, to the extent he can tell its "species" just by looking at it

Sleeplessinkl - you like durians too? Your taste buds are accustomed to Malaysian favourites now, eh?

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD - could you please, please Fedex some over to us in China, please? We only get the giant Thai ones sob, sob, sob!