July 28, 2008

Yiu Yiu's recent developments

She can verbalise mummy’s, papa’s and her own name, as well as the area where we stay.
What’s your name?
My name is Yiu Yiu/Txxx Yxx Yxx
What’s papa’s name?
Jxxxx Txxx
What’s mummy’s name?
Lxxx Wxx Lxxx
Where do you stay?
Axx Dxxxxxxxx

Development wise, she knows how to put on her shorts/pants, and in the process of mastering the skills of putting on her blouse/t-shirt. She also goes to the potty by herself if she needs to pee and can perform the whole works – pulling down her shorts/pant, do her business, takes tissue to wipe herself clean and putting her pants/shorts back on.

Yesterday was hubby’s company Family Day at Desa Waterpark. Mummy forgot two very important things (slaps forehead TWO times!) – camera (hence no photos) and sunblock. So both mummy and Yiu Yiu became very dark coz we were in the water intermittently from 10am – 4pm. At the babysitter’s place today, the babysitter and her husband was lamenting over her dark (almost sunburnt skin), one after another. My smart alec suddenly blurted out, “You want to scold my mummy and papa or not? But they are not yet here wor.”


Liew said...

Eh your doter asked me to wipe for her when she wee wee the other day wo.........she so manja me ;)

Anonymous said...

first time here .... :)

your daughter has a beautiful name and i am definately coming back here again

cre8tone said...

So clever!~

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - she can do doesn't mean she will do mar. Also wanna manja once in a while

Misha's mum - thanks for dropping by

Little prince - I'm sure you are a clever boy yourself