July 13, 2008


Yiu Yiu is quite good at rationalizing things, in her own quirky ways.

We have stacks of papers and colour pencils on her little study table so she can scribble. Whenever she sits at her table and scribbles, she’ll say, “I do homework first, you don’t disturb me”. The other day, I disturbed her:
Mummy: Yiu Yiu do homework ah. Yiu Yiu want to go to school or not?
Yiu Yiu: Don’t want
Mummy: Why don’t want?
Yiu Yiu: I don’t have school clothes (Huh! What a good reason for not wanting to go to school)
Mummy: Mummy buy you school clothes, then you can go to school lor.
Yiu Yiu: OK
After a few seconds…
Yiu Yiu: Er…cannot cannot (in a very ‘kan cheong’ tone)
Mummy: Why cannot?
Yiu Yiu: I don’t have school shoes wor.

While playing with her baby doll…
Yiu Yiu: Mummy mummy, baby want to shee shee already.
Mummy: Take her to the potty la
Yiu Yiu: Puts baby on the toy potty
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, baby wear clothes how to shee shee wor? (the baby doll is wearing an overall)
Mummy: Ya wor…nevermind lah, let baby shee shee through her clothes la.
Yiu Yiu: Then her clothes wet wet lor.
Mummy: Never mind lah, afterwards put her under the fan to dry her clother lor.
Yiu Yiu: Cannot lah, afterwards baby cold cold lah.


Chinneeq said...

too much DHA in milk?? haha!!

Anonymous said...

So cute your yiu yiu.. very good reasoning too.

jazzmint said...

hehe...vy rational, and sometimes can drive us up the wall

KittyCat said...

Wow...she's good! I love the way they think ya? And their responses make me wonder if we are really the adults LOL

Btw, got time for The Bookworm's tag?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - maybe, but kids these days are really smarter compared to our time.

Zara's mama - Zara never fails to amuse me too.

Jazz/Kittycat - agree, sometimes really don't know whether to laugh or to cry.