July 03, 2008

First trip to the cinema

My last movie at the cinema was when I was pregnant with Yiu Yiu, which was almost three years ago. I hardly watched any movies since Yiu Yiu came along. As with most mums, there’s hardly any time for myself after having a child. Sis gave us a coupon for two free GSC movie tickets recently, and hubby and I thought that perhaps we can try to catch a movie with Yiu Yiu, now that she can understand instructions. Worst case scenario, we thought we’d just buy enough popcorn to last her the whole movie.

We decided on Kung Fu Panda, since she could probably enjoy herself a bit as well with the comedy. We went to GSC 1-Utama last Sunday but my oh my, there were so many people. I guess we are really so outdated and didn’t anticipate the crowd. Needless to say, we couldn’t get any tickets. As the coupon expires on July 2, we tried our luck again last evening. The queue was rather long for a weekday, but we then realized that Wednesday is the discount movie ticket day. By the time our turn came up, there were only five seats left, but these were all single seats. Luckily, it was just past 6.50pm, and reservation tickets were open for sale. We got ourselves seats on the third row from the back.

We had prepared Yiu Yiu for the trip, by telling her the past few days that we’d take her to the cinema, where it would be dark and there’ll be a big TV screen. She lasted through the advertisements and movie previews, and after each one, she’d turn to me and ask, “Finish already ah?” When the movie actually started, she watched for about 30 minutes while muching on her popcorns before getting restless and asking to go out. I diverted her attention by pointing out interesting things from the movie. That did the trick but after some time, she got tired and decided to rest on my shoulder. Towards the end of the movie, she said,
Yiu Yiu: I wanna go home already.
Mummy (trying to buy time): A little while more OK.
After a little while
Yiu Yiu: A little while already, I wanna go home already.
Mummy: A little while some more OK.

Luckily the movie ended soon after. Phew! At least she lasted the whole movie. As we were walking down towards the exit, I’m not sure if I took a wrong step, or the carpet was faulty, but the heels of my shoes broke.
Yiu Yiu: What happened?
Mummy: My shoes broke lor.
Yiu Yiu: The uncle stepped on your shoes ah?
Mummy: No, I think the carpet was spoilt.
Yiu Yiu: Never mind lah, Yiu Yiu and papa buy you new shoes la
Mummy: You got money meh?
Yiu Yiu: Got, I take out my ang pow money, then I buy for you lor.

So you say, touched or not…and here’s the price I paid for the free movie.


Liew said...

Not bad, she lasted the whole movie :) but I doubt she enjoyed it.

jazzmint said...

at least she didn't run around the cinema :). I'm sure she'll love it the 2nd round

A Mom's Diary said...

WK, she wouldn't understand the movie yet, of course won't enjoy la. But at least get to experience being in cinema ma.

Jazz, will have to wait for another "kiddy" like movie before we take her there again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's good - she stayed put for the entire movie! Hubby has been asking if I thought Lucas might be ready for the movies...

We should try it out when we go home for Christmas!

Kids are so sweet, right? They are so quick to wanna make things right again for you - makes your hearth melt.

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat, I was happy she lasted the whole movie. Hubby and I were prepared to abandon ship if she started to kick up a fuss.