July 15, 2008

Imagination and narration

As with any toddler, Yiu Yiu is rather imaginative – speaking to her toy lamb, talking on the phone by herself (and imitating two characters at the same time), improvising stuff and imagining them to be her spoon, bowl, plate, etc.

She’s also good in finding excuses. She was eating jelly one day and dropped some on the floor.
Papa: You see, told you to be careful, don’t drop the jelly on the floor.
Yiu Yiu: No ah, it’s not me lah, it’s the spoon

Her memory is becoming stronger and sometimes, out of the blue, when something sparked her memory, she would narrate back to us incidents which happened few days earlier. For example, Yihao vomited when we had dinner to celebrate mum’s and younger brother’s birthday. For several days following that, she would bring up the story of Yihao vomiting. And over the weekend, we bought some keropok lekor home. Father and daughter were happily munching away. When papa finished the last piece, Yiu Yiu got so upset and cried. Out of the blue, at dinner tonight:
Yiu Yiu: Just now (she always use just now for something that happened in the past) papa finished the keropok, then I look at papa like that (gives a dagger stare), then I cry and say “Mummy carry Yiu Yiu” (that's what she always do when she gets upset)

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