October 11, 2009

Lantern Festival at Teluk Chempedak

Ever since I knew hubby, he has been telling me about how festive Teluk Chempedak is during the Lantern Festival, when hordes of people camp out and light up lanterns and candles at the beach. Somehow, I've never had a chance to experience it. Since Lantern Festival fell on a Saturday this year, we made a trip back with the intention to let Yiu Yiu experience the festivities at the beach.

We headed to Teluk Chempedak pretty early, at about 7.30pm but there were already hordes of people, with families complete with their mat and picnic baskets, and groups of youngsters, lighting up the beach with paper lanterns and candles.

We brought along some paper lanterns and candles, but when Yiu Yiu saw the various shapes being dug in the sand and lighted up with candles, she too wanted a house. As we didn't bring any tools, hubby had to dig using his bare hands.

Then she wanted a square, circle and triangle.

We left at about 9pm, thankful that we were not among the late-comers, caught in the 1km jam on the road leading to the beach.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Wow nice sand lights!

jazzmint said...

wah where's this place, cool!!

BoeyJoey said...

I've never been to Teluk Chempedak... but it sure looks merry and fun. Digging with bare hands? Wow... your hubby *thumbs up* :-)

Chinneeq said...

my hubby has been telling me for many many years about this too. this yr is not a good year for us as the boys are too diff to be managed. how about your baby?

A Mom's Diary said...

Michelle - my first time seeing such things :-)

Jazz - it's in Kuantan.

BoeyJoey - it's quite a decent beach. We always go there whenever we are back in Kuantan.

Chinnee - haha, guess it's something that Kuantan people are proud of. We didn't bring the baby. I nursed her before we left in-laws house, and made sure we went back in time before her next feed.