October 31, 2009

Of travelling, exams and birthday

I touched down at KLIA early on Tuesday morning , and less than 60 hours later, I was on the plane again. Luckily it was only a short trip to Singapore for a meeting on Friday. I had initially planned to make a day trip, but since the meeting was scheduled to start at 8.30am, the only flight that could take me there that early is an Air Asia flight departing LCCT at 6am, and I would have had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 4am. Not wanting to torture myself, I flew in on Thursday evening. Alas, I still didn't get much rest as I stayed up till 4am that morning rushing off some urgent documents for work.


While I was in Montreal, hubby was informed that Yiu Yiu's end-of-term exams will be held in the week of November 2. Yiu Yiu was bugging me to do revision with her at home (I guess the teacher must have reinforced this to them) when I was home between the Montreal Singapore trips but I was just too darn tired, as well as didn't have the time to prepare any revision worksheets for her, like what I did for her mid-term exams.

This week was revision week at the kindy and from my experience with the mid-term exams, I knew the kindy would return the revision worksheets to the parents for the weekend. I took the short-cut and erased all the answers from the kindy revision worksheets, photocopied them, and walah, I've got my revision sheets :-)

I had planned to space out the revision for Maths, English and Chinese over the weekend but the moment she saw me pulling out the worksheets, she took them from me and finished them all in one marathon session, despite me trying to coax her to space them out. Rajin or not my daughter?


Yiu Yiu will turn four tomorrow. Hubby and I had agreed that we won't be celebrating her birthday in a big way this time, unlike the last two years. When I was away in Montreal, I also didn't give much thought to her big day. We finally decided to still have a small celebration at home. So on my way to the airport on Thursday, I was frantically short messaging everyone, making arrangements for the last minute do.

We went shopping this afternoon – for the party packs, disposable cutleries, food and beverages.

Yiu Yiu is very excited, and can't stop saying that tomorrow is her birthday, and she's gonna have a party :-)


samvitha said...

Happy Birthday Yiu Yiu!
Super Mom! kudos to you for managing career and home.

Cynful Pleasure said...

Happy Birthday Yiu Yiu! and hope she had a very happy Birthday Celebration!

Liew said...

Yalor asked you while you were in Montreal but no reply. Cake oso had to order last min..........

BuffaFly said...

she shares birthday with my hubby. Happy 4th Birthday!!!

BoeyJoey said...

Wah... just started work after confinement and traveling so frequently already. Kampatei on the pumping, ya *wink*

Yiu Yiu is such a good girl, so rajin. My boy takes ages as he loses interest very quickly, so got to have many many breaks in between.

And today is Yiu Yiu's birthday! Happy birthday, Yiu Yiu! Fai gou jiong tai :-D

michelle@mybabybay said...

Happy Birthday!!