November 03, 2008

Yiu Yiu turned three

Yiu Yiu turned three on Saturday. We marked the occasion with a small birthday party for her with family members, relatives, babysitter and her family, and close friends. This was the invitation card that went out two weeks ago.

I asked Yiu Yiu few weeks ago what cake would she like for her birthday and Barney was still her choice. I started the hunt for her birthday cake two weeks ago and contacted Angeleyes. I knew it was a long shot as Angeleyes is most likely not in KL. True enough, she’s in Penang but she kindly gave me the contact number of another home-based baker in KL. With Angeleyes' consent, I borrowed the cupcake design below and asked the baker to use Barney theme instead of Sesame Street.

The cake turned out mighty fine, appearance wise – far better than the disappointment last year. BJ and Baby Bop looked so real, and she painstakingly recreates all tiny details such as the shoe laces, and spots on their bodies. Simply amazing, she must have spent hours perfecting the figurines. Taste wise, it was rather ordinary, compared to the one last year which tasted really good.

The children loved the cake, and were screaming their heads off after the birthday song, asking me to cut up the figurines. I, of course didn’t oblige – they were just too beautiful to annihilate!

Left: Mummy helping the birthday girl to cut the cake; Top right: Singing birthday song; Bottom right: The children shouting "Cut Barney, cut Baby Bop, cut BJ"

Yiu Yiu fell asleep on my shoulders shortly after cutting the cake but woke up a short while later. The last guests left at about 5pm, leaving hubby and I to clean and tidy up the house. Later that evening, we went out for dinner with MIL and several relatives who came down from Kuantan. Yiu Yiu ate her dinner enthusiastically, as she hardly ate anything, except for a cupcake, throughout the afternoon. She was so tired that she fell asleep on our way home. That was a good end to her special day.


Chinneeq said...

so beautiful and sweet color!!

happy belated birthday to Yiu Yiu!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wai Leng! I'm so glad the cakes turned out great!

A Happy 3rd Birthday to Yiu-Yiu!

Anonymous said...

Hi .. love those cupcakes .. wonderful ..

Lee said...

Hi, I bet Yiu Yiu had a fabulous guys too.
Kids always look forward to birthdays.
She must have had a good time opening her presents...
She sure a good looking kid....takes after her mom from what I see in the pics here.
Best regards, Lee.

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - thanks for the birthday greetings.

Alice - thanks to you for the recommendation! Hopefully can have a chance to order from you someday.

U.Lee - she had a great time, and yes, had great fun opening her presents (watch out for the next post). Hey, thanks for the compliments. You must have been a "ladykiller" in your heydays :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Yiu Yiu!

LOL, she looked so shy and sweet in the pic :) I love her fringe, which suits her really well.

Wah...the baker did a really good job with the figurines, eh?

And the kids sound so savage for those poor critters hahaha If I were Barney, BJ or etc, I would have melted!

Anonymous said...

Love the invites.. where did u get them?

jazzmint said...

happy birthday yiu yiu

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - yeah, the figurines turned out really nice. Shouldn't taken a video of the kids shouting "Cut the Barney" could have brought my house down :-)

Anonymous - it was from a website, stumbled upon it while googling

Jazz - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice cupcakes! Happy belated birthday to Yiu Yiu!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday, yiu-yiu! you're a big girl now...and about to go to school!

Unknown said...

The barney and BJ look so real like original. You know some some ppl make them look so cacat. I am impressed!

A Mom's Diary said...

Jessie - this time, the figures turned out really great. Last year's ones were really cacat, like you said :-)