November 07, 2008

Terrible customer service

I needed to take Yiu Yiu to take a passport sized photograph as Juara Cerdik needs two passport sized photos upon submission of the enrolment form. After work just now, I took her to this Foto Zoom outlet in SS2.

Me: I want to take passport sized photos. How much is it?
Shop assistant: RM12 for four.
Me (mentioned casually, with a smile): Wah! So expensive ah? (Knowing that most shops charge only RM10 for four).
Shop assistant (became defensive): That’s the price the company fixed. If you think it’s expensive, then no need to take la. Nobody is forcing you to take!

I was like, what the F@CK! What kind of customer service is this??!! I don’t think I deserved such a brusque reply for that very casual remark. Without saying another word, I walked out of the shop. I wouldn’t have mind paying the extra RM2 – after all, what can you get with RM2 these days but I simply refused to give my business to this shop with such lousy customer service. There are 1001 ways to respond in a nicer way but the shop assistant chose not to do so. On the way out, Yiu Yiu asked “Why we are not taking photo?” I replied loudly “We are going to another shop, the kor-kor is so lan see (arrogant)!” I don’t know whether he heard it as we were already near the main entrance, but I hope he did.

I braved the Friday night traffic on LDP to Damansara Utama, to another shop which I go to once in a while. True enough, it was only RM10 for four. As it was almost 9pm and they have shut down their machines, the shop assistant apologised that I had to go back tomorrow to collect the photos – now that’s customer service!


Liew said...

Well generally the customer service standard in M'sia is very poor

Anonymous said...

i've had similar experiences in KL. makes me wonder -- diorg nie nak business ke tak??!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK & Mimi - I know, but I generally brush them off, but this one really got on my nerves.