November 24, 2008

Weekend at Pangkor Laut Resort - Part 2

Day 2
Hubby arrived on the 8am ferry this morning. He couldn't come yesterday as he has some engagement in the afternoon. When he arrived, we had a leisurely buffet breakfast and let the children roam around koi pond and library/lounge area.

The library/lounge area with plenty of day beds and sofas, and shelves of books for loan. There are also several desktops with free internet access

We then took a walk to the Spa Villas and the award winning Pangkor Laut Spa Village. However, as children below 16 are not allowed into the spa area, some of us had to watch over the kids while Audrey and Tracy, her friend who works in YTL, took younger sis for a quick tour.

Yiu Yiu having fun near the Spa Villas

The award winning Pangkor Laut Spa Village

We then proceeded to the beach again and spent a good part of the afternoon there.

When we got back to the hotel room, I made sure Yiu Yiu took a nap as we were planning to hop onto the staff barge to Pangkor Island for dinner. Slightly more than an hour later, we woke her up and made our way to meet the rest of the group at the lobby before taking the resort’s shuttle van to the staff jetty.

On the staff barge

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant in Pangkor Island. The food was good and cheap – it costs less than RM200 for nine adults and three children, and the dishes included fish, prawn, squid, pork, chicken, tofu and two types of vegetables. We caught the 9.40pm staff barge back to PLR and called it a night, though Audrey and her gang continued with a drinking session in her room.


agnes said...

wow~~ what a great and relaxing weekend!!! enjoy~~

LittleLamb said...

mama didnt go for their spa? since u said award winning?? if me, i will die die go for it.

Mummy Moon said...

Very nice pics.... I must plan to go 1 day...

Chinneeq said...

so shiok to get to travel like that. with twins, mana boleh for the first few years? hehe....

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time!

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - the spa is very very expensive. I think the cheapest package was like RM400+ so we didn't go. It's also difficult coz we had to take care of the three kids.

Mummy Moon - try to go when they have special promotions, more worth it.

Chinnee - you can still go for nearby destinations where you can pack the whole family into your MPV when your twins are slightly older. No need to wait few more years la.