October 28, 2007

Barney birthday cake

Two weeks ago, I wrote about our indecision on whether to have a birthday bash for Yiu Yiu's second birthday. Though there wasn't much time left, we decided to go ahead and planned for the party. I wanted a Barney birthday cake as Yiu Yiu is very much into Barney now. I got the contact for a cake designer from allthingspurple but she was already fully booked. I then looked up the internet and found several, one of whom had this design which I liked very much. Unfortunately, she was also fully booked already and could only oblige if I would settle for a much simpler design.

One of the other cake designers I contacted could accommodate my late order for a fancy design, and I jumped at the chance and placed my order. I was very excited just thinking about how the cake would turn out. This morning, with great anticipation, I went to collect the cake and the moment I set my eyes on it, I was deflated. Barney, Baby Bop and BJ just don't look like the real thing. The shade of purple on Barney was not right, even the size of Barney in relation to Baby Bop and BJ was wrong. I understand that it's difficult to produce an exact replica, but a Barney smaller than Baby Bop and BJ?

Anyhow, I guess I probably shouldn't sweat the small stuff, and spoil my mood for tonight. I think I'd better expend my energy on making tonight's party a success. Wish me luck, and please sing "Rain rain go away" for me.


jazzmint said...

wahh...really alot difference...

beckysmum said...

As long as the cake taste nice then should be alright!
Wishing Yiu Yiu Happy Birthday!!

Liew said...

Oh well everything turned out well in the end and everyone has fun :). Noone really noticed about the cake too ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

jazzmint, very different hor. that's why i was disappointed

beckysmum, luckily it tasted quite good

wk, you're right. nobody noticed the "defects". i guess when you are so into it, you'll notice every single details

AllThingsPurple said...

I am not much more better than you, leh, Wai Leng!!

I am too late placing an order for Kimberly's birthday cake myself and all the contacts i have are all fully booked for impending Christmas. Endof hte day, i resort to a wedding planner in Bangsar and despite all my plans for a fancy cake, it all went as flat as a balloonn cos the little monster insist on a BARBIE cake...sigh.such a simple cake !!